Sober dating advice

sober dating advice

How do you date someone who doesn’t drink alcohol?

Don’t feel under pressure to justify not drinking. You don’t owe your date an explanation. Be unapologetic. If they’re adamant that they’ll only date a drinker, consider it a lucky escape.

How do you date as a non-drinker?

Dating doesn’t equal drinking, so choose venues and activities that you enjoy as a non-drinker. If you do opt for bars and restaurants, check menus in advance to make sure there are good alcohol-free options.

What do you worry about when dating someone online?

I s he going to look anything like the picture online? Are we going to have anything to talk about? Is this dress too revealing? What if he is an anti-vaxxer? These are all normal anxieties that come with the territory of online dating. Anxieties that I used to smooth over with a few large glasses of white wine before a date.

When do you tell someone you dont drink on a date?

When I tell someone I dont drink: When it comes up naturally, and if not, always by the end of a first date. I dont hide the fact I dont drink. I dont try to mask it with tonic water and lime at a bar.

Should you drink alcohol on a first date?

In the dating world, it often feels like drinking alcohol is just par for the course in meeting someone. So many first dates happen over drinks at bars, and hookup culture depends in large part on the liquid courage people consume before sending that you up? text at 1 a.m. But not everyone chooses to date this way.

Is dating someone who doesn’t drink boring?

If youre dating someone who doesn’t drink, and you want to support their lifestyle choices, how can you navigate the dating scene in a way thats thoughtful and affirming to them? Thankfully, dating as a non-drinker doesn’t have to be boring at all.

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