Xfinity dvr hookup

xfinity dvr hookup

How do I access my DVR recordings with Xfinity stream?

Stream live TV, watch Xfinity On Demand and access your DVR recordings on your computer through any Internet connection! Note: Only Xfinity X1 Cloud DVR customers can access and delete recordings with the Xfinity Stream portal.

How do I connect my Xfinity TV to my cable box?

Connect your Xfinity TV and DVD or VCR so you can record the channel being watched. Make sure your Xfinity TV and DVD or VCR player are both tuned to channel 2, 3, or 4 (depending on your converter). Connect the wires so the cable signal passes from the main source to the converter box, then to your television.

How do I connect my DVR box to my TV?

This article has been viewed 144,256 times. Learn more... You can connect your DVR box to your television using several different methods. An HDMI cable is the simplest option, but you can also use an HDMI-to-DVI cable, component cable, or S-video cable depending on which ports your TV and DVR have.

Is x1 Cloud DVR free with Xfinity X1?

If you have Xfinity X1 with DVR service, X1 Cloud DVR is included at no extra charge. The DVR will record the program regardless of the Parental Control settings.

How do I record on Xfinity stream?

Note: The Record option only displays if youre a customer with X1 or other Xfinity TV package with cloud-based DVR service. Open the Xfinity Stream app while connected to any WiFi network or mobile network. Swipe left to right to open the main navigation, or hit the menu button (three stacked horizontal lines) on the top-left.

How do I record from my DVR?

A record button will appear. Select the record button to bring up the recording options screen. Your recording will be scheduled to the default DVR. You can choose another DVR from the drop-down list button in the upper-left corner of the app (for tablets) or in the settings menu (on a smartphone).

How do I program my Xfinity DVR to my phone?

With our Xfinity TV Remote app, Xfinity X1 and non-X1 video customers can program their DVRs in advance with their smartphone or other mobile device. From the main screen, select TV Listing. Move through the grid of available programs. Select the program you want to record.

How do I record live TV on my TV?

Swipe left to right to open the main navigation, or hit the menu button (three stacked horizontal lines) on the top-left. Tap All Channels with the Live TV header to open the TV listings grid. Scroll through the listings to find a program to record. Tap on the program you want and youll see the program details.

Can X1 DVR recordings be viewed on X1 Cloud DVR?

Yes. Some programs can only be recorded on your X1 Cloud DVR rather than on your X1 DVR hard drive. Cloud DVR recordings are accessible to view on your X1 DVR TV Box. If you have Xfinity X1 with DVR service, 150 hours of X1 Cloud DVR are included at no extra charge for each X1 DVR TV Box on your account.

Is the X1 from Xfinity any good?

Share | May 11, 2021 The X1 from Xfinity is a cool little DVR. It has a user-friendly interface, excellent voice remote, and more integrated streaming apps than other DVRs. It also has a solid mobile app that lets you access your live channels, on-demand content, cloud DVR recordings, and subscription streaming apps on your mobile devices.

How much does the Xfinity X1 DVR cost?

The Xfinity X1 DVR does have an additional monthly fee depending on the type of set-top box you choose at sign-up. Xfinity X1 TV box: $5.00/mo.

How do I upgrade my X1 DVR plan?

In some areas you can upgrade your DVR service from your X1 TV Box by going to Main Menu > Saved > Recordings > Upgrade DVR Plan (located below the list of recorded programs). See X1 DVR Services Overview for more information.

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