Hook up to internet

hook up to internet

How to hook up your Internet?

How to Hook Up Your Internet. 1 1. Connect your modem. Before you power up your modem, you’ll want to connect it to your computer and your phone jack or cable outlet. To connect it ... 2 2. Connect your router to the internet (optional) 3 3. Test your internet connection. 4 4. Set up your modem and network. 5 5. Connect to a wireless network.

How do I connect to the Internet on Windows 10?

Click Start, then go to Settings > Network & Internet > Status > Network and Sharing Center. Choose “ Set up a new connection or network .” Click “ Set up a new network ,” then click “ Next .” Click on the Network icon in the notification bar. Windows will show you a list of available networks.

Where do I connect my modem to the Internet?

Place the modem near the port in your home that provides the internet service. This might be the cable outlet, the phone outlet, or near a window in the case of satellite internet. Connect the phone, fiber optic, or cable port on your modem to the appropriate outlet in your home.

How do I connect to the WiFi network?

You can connect to the WiFi wireless network, or you can use an ethernet cable to connect directly to your router. To connect using an ethernet cable, just plug one end of the cable into the ethernet port on your computer or laptop. Plug the other end into one of the network ports on the back of your router (not the modem!)

How do I connect my computer to the Internet?

Here’s a quick recap on how to connect your computer to the internet: 1 Connect your modem (Optional: Set up your router) 2 Test your internet connection and troubleshoot any issues 3 Set up your modem and network security 4 Connect to a wireless network on your computer or other device More ...

How to connect to the Internet using WiFi?

How to Connect to Internet Using WiFi 1 Make sure that the Wi-Fi connection for your device is on. 2 Access your devices settings. 3 Find the name of your Wi-Fi network. 4 Enter the password to the network or hotspot. 5 Wait for the computer to connect. 6 ... (more items) See More....

How to set up the Internet at home?

How to Set Up Internet at Your Home (For Beginners) 1. Choose Your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The first step in getting internet access where you live is choosing the... 2. Install and Set Up Your Router/Modem. Depending on the type of internet service you order, the router you’re provided... ...

How do I connect to the Internet on my iPhone?

On iPhone, open Settings, select Wi-Fi, turn on Wi-Fi and tap the network that you want to join. If you try to connect any device and it’s showing that your internet is connected but you can’t access the internet, you’ll need to walk through more advanced internet connection troubleshooting tips.

How do I connect to the Wi-Fi?

Select the desired connection and select Connect . If prompted, Enter the network security key and select Next . Connection should complete. To remember the connection, select Connect automatically . If you are in a public place (some airports, municipal buildings, hospitals) that has Wi-Fi service, the network you connect to may be open ...

How to use WiFi on PC Windows 10?

Using Wi-Fi Make sure your network is running. Click the Wi-Fi icon. Turn on Wi-Fi if necessary. Select your wireless networks name. Click Connect. Enter the networks password. Click Next. Wait for the network to connect.

How do I connect to an internet network?

In order to connect to an Internet network, the networks modem must be connected to an Internet output (e.g., a cable outlet), the networks router must be connected to the modem, and both the router and the modem must be turned on. Some modems include a built-in router.

How do I find available Wi-Fi connections in Windows 10?

Within Windows Settings, select Network & Internet . Select Status on the left panel to see what your current connectivity status is. Select Show available networks . If available, a list of available Wi-Fi connections will appear from the System Tray.

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