Greek orthodox dating rules

greek orthodox dating rules

Does the Orthodox Church officiate marriages on certain dates?

Occasionally these dates vary in different jurisdictions; however, in general, Orthodox churches does not officiate marriages on the following dates: All Wednesdays and Fridays (unless they are during feast periods) Nativity Fast (Nov. 15 – Dec. 24)

What should I do if I get married to an Orthodox?

One couple, one service. Lastly, if both you and your future spouse are Orthodox, you should plan to receive the sacraments of Confession and Communion prior to the wedding ceremony. Even if only one of you is Orthodox, that one should do the same.

Why doesn’t the Orthodox church bless marriages between non-Christians?

In other words, this essentially means the Church does not bless or perform marriages between Orthodox Christians and non-Christians (ex. Muslims, Jews, Atheists). This is because the sacramental nature of the marriage bond requires the couple to not only pledge their love to each other but also their lives to Christ.

Where do Orthodox weddings take place?

Orthodox weddings must take place in an Orthodox church building, not at a private home, botanical garden, beach, etc. Since marriage is a sacrament intimately tied to the life of the Church, it must be administered within the Church, which resides in physical buildings under the authority of bishops.

Can the Orthodox officiate at weddings?

The Mass (which they refer to as “Divine Liturgy”) is really a Mass, the Orthodox clergy really absolve penitents in confession, etc. This logically means that the Catholic Church acknowledges that Orthodox clergy can truly officiate at weddings too.

How many times can you get married in the Orthodox Church?

Marriage is permitted up to three times in Orthodoxy but each divorce necessitates a short period of excommunication .

What is an Eastern Orthodox wedding?

Marriage in the Eastern Orthodox Church is a holy mystery or sacrament in the Eastern Orthodox Church. The wedding itself is considered to be a rite of the church in which the marriage is blessed.

Can Orthodox Christians marry outside of the church?

According to the church canons, those Orthodox Christians who marry outside the Church are deprived of the sacraments of the Church. Some people find this shocking; they feel the Church is being too harsh. But the question is: What gives validity to marriage?

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