I love accents dating

i love accents dating

Do British accents make us think of romance?

Theres a perception that British English is smarter and maybe that has to do with our idea of British people being smarter regardless of language, says Emily Nguyen, a Ph.D. candidate doing research in linguistics at New York University. If British accents convey status, do French and Italian accents make us think of romance? Most likely.

Why are men attracted to women with accents?

In order to speak multiple languages, you have to possess a great deal of cognitive resources from the onset -- so you know you’re in the presence of an intelligent woman. 5. She stands out, even in the thickest of crowds. Men are attracted to ladies with accents because of their ability to stand out in a room full of other women.

How did I Love Your Accent start?

After Rochelle and her husband moved from the UK to Florida, she began hearing a familiar refrain from many people she’d meet: “I love your accent!” “People say that to me all the time, and how can you get mad at someone who says they love anything about you?” she said. That inspired her to start ILoveYourAccent.com.

Do you like British or French accents more?

I love British accents! French is appealing, too, but I think its for a different reason. I love British accents because they sound warm and friendly. I think that quality comes from the way they drop their rs and smooth out or simplify their sounds.

Why is the British accent so similar to the American accent?

I think, as Kartik Subbarao indicated, its because the BBC accent represents the enunciation that does come close to the American accent when an American is articulating certain syllables more evenly and clearly. I think American and BBC English do come quite close when Americans articulate crisply.

Whats the most romantic accent?

Many Americans—myself included—probably consider the French accent to be the most romantic. It conjures up images of the Eiffel Tower and macarons and cafés near the Seine. But for Europeans, Margot says, the Italian accent holds that title. The Italian accent is sexier because it has a singing aspect, she says.

Why do we recognize accents?

Research in the field of linguistics shows that our perception of accents has more to do with social and cultural associations than the way foreign accents actually sound. For example, in the United States, because of our countrys colonial history, Americans tend to associate the typical British accent with high social status.

Why do so many billionaires speak with a British accent?

Nowadays, American English is pretty homogenized and so billionaires speak exactly the same as ordinary middle class people. All the more reason for Americans to be infatuated with British accents, specifically the Home County accents of the South. If they hear a Shropshire farmer or a Yorkshire shopkeeper, they may not be as impressed.

Is the British accent better than the American accent?

That being said, here is my opinion: the British accent sounds more refined and educated while the American sounds more active and exciting. For you though, I would recommend learning the accent and dialect that would be welcomed more depending on where you’re going to use it.

Are accents important when learning English as a second language?

If you’re learning English as a second language, you probably have an increased awareness of accents as they can be challenging or tricky to understand. You’ve probably heard of that “homey” Southern accent, “sophisticated” British accent (although there’s more than one of those), and the “sexy” French accent.

What makes a great French accent?

And you cant have a great French accent if you dont spend time listening. When you listen to someone speak, you hear more than just information. You also pick up on the pronunciation of words, intonation (the sing-song patterns of a language), vocabulary, and more.

Do people have accent preferences?

All we have seen so far is accent preferences, and social psychology has shown that we can’t expect people to be free of such associations. All humans have biases – simplified ways of thinking when we need to process our thoughts quickly.

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