Domosed dating

domosed dating

Are Doms selfish?

Of course the nature of a Dom can be somewhat selfish at times, but they should always make sure that the sub is satisfied not just sexually, but emotionally and physically too. Many new Doms latch onto the idea of getting sexually pleased whenever they want, even in the beginning of new relationships.

Do Doms need Trust to get sexually pleased?

Many new Doms latch onto the idea of getting sexually pleased whenever they want, even in the beginning of new relationships. But just like any relationship, trust needs to be earned.

Do you have to be a dominant woman to date dominance?

You dont need to be a dominant woman to date a dominant man. Even dominant men might pass up women who are too dominant, if that dominance means being catty and combative, and struggling for relationship control. Thats because these guys often work hard, spend their whole day getting things done...

Are Doms supposed to be the “nice guy”?

They’re supposed to be the “nice guy.” Many men find it hard to be assertive in bed because of this. A Dom may feel guilty always taking, but they need to remember that most subs want and need to be used sexually.

What is it like to be a Dom?

They just assume they are Dom, because they like to control people and want someone to have sex with whenever they want. A lot of times they are also just basing their knowledge on what they’ve seen in porn, vs actual reality. A real Dom though, even a new Dom, will see this lifestyle as a huge responsibility and a lot of work on their part. 3.

What rules do you have as a Dom?

As a Dom, you have a certain level of control over your submissive partner. What sorts of rules do you have? Total and unconditional obedience. That is my rule. It applies to all the submissive’s sexual behaviour, meaning that before she has any sexual contact she first must seek her Master’s approval.

How do you know if a DOM is real?

Remember: a real Dom is dominant, not domineering. Make sure you know and can spot the difference. There are other warning signs that someone is a fake or bad dom, such as: Stops communication or pulls away without giving an explanation Uses the sub as a maid so they don’t have to pick up after themselves (a sub is not their parent)

What is a DOM’s role in a relationship?

Many Doms see their role as to mould a sub into who they wish to control. Just like in ‘real life’, couples find themselves incompatible and move on. A sub willing to be trained into becoming who the Dom wants them to be is a good thing and will take their guidance. This gives the sub the power in the relationship.

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