Is bts dating blackpink

is bts dating blackpink

Is BLACKPINK Lisa dating BTS Jungkook?

BTS Jungkooks Relationship Status Revealed There have been rumors claiming that BTS member Jungkook could be dating BLACKPINK member Lisa in public. Speculations are rife that the two South Korean performers are a perfect match since they are both the youngest members of their respective groups.

Are BTS’ V and Blackpink’s Jennie dating?

Are BTS V and BLACKPINKs Jennie Dating? K-pop fans are honing their detective skills after rumors circulated online that K-pop stars BTS V and BLACKPINKs Jennie were recently vacationing in Jeju Island of South Korea. This led to many believing that the two artists were dating and enjoying time together.

Is Lisa from BTS dating a BTS member?

As the reports about their success remain apparent, one of the members, Lisa, is also hitting the headlines for her possible romantic links with a BTS member. Alongside the all-female K-pop group, BTS has also become the talk of the town these past few months.

Does BTS Jungkook have a girlfriend?

In 2015, there were also reports saying that the BTS member was dating model Ko So Hyun. However, with the “no public relationship” clauses of various agencies in South Korea, it is highly unlikely for Jungkook to date anyone since he was launched in 2013.

Is BTS’ Jungkook dating Lisa?

A slew of evidence indicating Jungkook was dating Lisa was unearthed almost immediately. With the moment they met face to face then shyly turned away at SBS Gayo Daejun 2018, the two idols were the center of attention. Furthermore, fans remarked on their unusual attitudes.

What do Blackpinks Lisa and BTSJungkook have in common?

BTSs Jungkook and BLACKPINKs Lisa make for the maknaes of their respective bands. Also, they happen to have more similarities than one, for instance, Jungkook and Lisa both take center positions in their respective groups are power performers.

Does Blackpink Jungkook have a girlfriend?

BTW, Jungkook has opened up on dating life previously and he had said that he would rather go to sleep than go on a date with anyone. On the other hand, BLACKPINKs talent management company, YG Entertainment has a strict no dating policy. Well, there goes hope down the well.

Are BTS and Blackpink dating?

Rumours that the youngest stars of two of the biggest K-pop bands, BTS and Blackpink, are dating, have often gone viral on social media. No matter how popular South Korean pop idols are, they always maintain a very private life and hardly share any news about their romantic life.

BTS members are actually not focused on dating and being in relationships, they are focused on their career and doing what they can. Therefore, no one. Originally Answered: Is BTS dating anyone?

Are Jungkook and Lisa from BTS dating?

Is BTS Jungkook dating the woman he was photographed with?

According to a report by Soompi, Big Hit released a statement firmly denying the rumors that Jungkook is dating the woman he was photographed with. Big Hit Entertainment clearly states that the claims about our artist Jungkook that are being spread on social media and online communities are not true.

Is Jungkook’s girlfriend Ko So-hyun in a photo?

In the photo, you can see a girl laying comfortably close to a boy that looks a lot like Jungkook. The photo also contained a small icon with heart eyes, partially covering to what is believed to be Jungkook’s face. After evaluating the photo, many came to the conclusion that the trainee was Ko So-hyun. Status: Rumored.

Is TJ Jungkook engaged to a girlfriend?

Jungkook has not been previously engaged. He was born in South Korea and has an older brother. According to our records, he has no children. Like many celebrities and famous people, Jeon keeps his personal and love life private.

Is BTS Jungkook dating Yuna from Itzy?

Throughout his entire career, Jungkook has faced many dating rumours. However, known have ever been confirmed. This includes the most recent one regarding Yuna from ITZY, which was hinted by dispatch. According to records, Jungkook is currently single. A list of Jungkook’s confirmed and rumored relationship:

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