Dispatch dating 2019

dispatch dating 2019

Is dispatch the best newspaper for dating in Korea?

In Korea, before TV Reports are a thing, Dispatch was the only newspaper specializing in the dating affairs of idols or famous Korean stars. Even this news outlet has set a yearly routine that, on January 1, they will publicize a dating celebrity couple or even a list.

Which K-pop couples did dispatch reveal are dating in 2019?

With that, here are some top couples that were revealed by Dispatch for the year 2019. From a past group called Triple H under Cube Entertainment, and acting as an excuse for his love affair on music stages, HyunA and Dawn, official couples of entertainment, has recently returned to the K-pop scene and revealed that they are dating.

Are Haechan and dispatch dating in 2021?

Their dating rumor broke out in May 2021, when Haechan was discovered using a personal account to follow ITZY’s Vlive channel . After that, fans also pointed out mang the dating evidence between the two idols. Although nothing is clear yet, many commenters are still predicting this will be Dispatch’s New Year couple.

Will dispatch reveal 2022 New Year’s couple on 2022 New Years Day?

As 2021 is ending, fans are getting more curious about the celebrity couple to be revealed by Dispatch on 2022 New Year’s Day. On December 4, a discussion about the 2022 New Year’s couple of Dispatch drew much attention on Pann Nate. Fans list out members of idol groups with many dating hints and high chances of getting exposed by Dispatch.

Will dispatch reveal the next celebrity couple on New Year’s Day?

On the morning of December 27, it was reported that Allkpop had released a list of potential “couples” that would be “revealed” by Dispatch on January 1. As seen earlier, netizens are eagerly anticipating the next celebrity couple that ‘Dispatch’ might reveal on New Year’s Day this coming.

Which couple will dispatch reveal on January 1st 2021?

Every year, to prepare until the New Year’s Day on January 1, kbiz fans are anxiously waiting for which couple will be revealed by Dispatch. In 2021, the most powerful couple among Korean actors, Hyun Bin – Son Yejin, became Dispatch’s first couple that was revealed on January 1st.

When will dispatch reveal dating couples?

January 1 for fans of Korean celebrities is not only the beginning of the new year, but also the day Dispatch reveals dating couples. The closer to January 1 of 2022, the more fans “hold their breath” waiting for the hottest couple of the year to be unveiled.

Did dispatch hint at their “target” in 2022?

The closer to January 1 of 2022, the more fans “hold their breath” waiting for the hottest couple of the year to be unveiled. On SNS, rumor has it that Dispatch has hinted at their “target”, a couple who started dating in 2019 and have been together for 2-3 years. This information has caused a stir among netizens. But is it believable?

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