Riot needs to fix matchmaking

riot needs to fix matchmaking

Can riot fix Euw solo queue?

Riot Games is addressing the EUW server’s longstanding matchmaking woes, adding to an ever-growing list of issues that need to be remedied to fix the solo queue experience in League of Legends. Riot changed the matchmaking configuration in the EUW server, prioritizing closer MMR over low queue times.

Is Riot Games making climbing rank harder?

There was a rumor at the beginning of season 10 that, Riot Games was intentionally making climbing rank harder by placing you lower ranks, which they denied later on. And today Riot Games explained how MMR works and how to improve your MMR so that you don’t lose more LP when you lose a ranked match. The shortest answer they gave is: “Keep winning.”

Is matchmaking becoming tougher?

For example, if you were Plat 4 last season and already climbed Gold 1 this season which is pretty close to your actual skill level. At this stage, you will feel that matchmaking is becoming tougher and tougher.

Is there a lack of competitiveness in solo queue?

Worse still, a new issue has crept into solo queue that didn’t exist back in the days of Dynamic Queue: lack of competitiveness. Even back in Season 6 when Dynamic Queue was introduced, you didn’t have players behaving as badly as they do in the Season 10 solo queue.

Will Riot do anything to address the League of Legends community’s issues?

Voyboy’s testimony is just one example of the massive issue that plagues the League of Legends community. It’s hard to believe Riot will do anything to address the issue, considering that little-to-nothing has been done so far to address this ever-growing problem. But maybe this could help start a greater movement to have this addressed.

Is Euw down League of Legends?

EUW is the second-largest and most problematic server for League of Legends. In 2019, EUW reached 3 million players in the region. Throughout 2020, EUW has been down several times. The stability of this server is at risk, especially in the current time where more players are finding time for the game.

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