Hook up racing post

hook up racing post

How do I use the Racing Post mobile app?

1. Download (or open) the free Racing Post mobile app. 2. Log in to your existing bookmaker account when you first open the app, or via the Accounts tab. You can also register for a new account. 3. Go to the cards, pick a race and once youve made your selection, simply tap the odds button beside the horse you like. 4.

What is a Racing Post Rating and why is it important?

These represent the views of Racing Post experts and, generally speaking, the higher the rating, the better the horses chance. If you can find an in-form horse, with strong recent form figures, a high Racing Post Rating and reasonably generous odds you could be on to a winner, so dont be afraid to get involved.

Should I back or lay my horse before the race?

Please note odds for laying may be a lot higher than the odds for backing until the odds settle, if you cant wait for the odds to settle, lay it at odds that are very slightly higher that the backing odds and they should get matched before the race.

How do you read a horse racing form?

The basics are actually very simple. A quick look at the racecard will debunk the myth that reading the form is hard. The silks are simply the colours each jockey will wear and denote who owns each horse, and then to the right we have the age of the horse and the weight they are set to carry in the race.

What is the Racing Post APP?

The Racing Post app is the ultimate horse racing app, providing daily racecards, fast results, expert tips, free bets, the latest breaking news, live race streaming and a seamless betting experience.

What is the best app for horse racing?

RACING POST APP - FREE Racing Post Mobile is the worlds most popular horse racing application. Available on iPhone, Android & iPad. Mobile Site also available for other devices.

What devices can I download the Racing Post digital newspaper on?

For the best experience possible we recommend you download the Racing Post Digital Newspaper app for your preferred device. It’s available on both Apple products (iPad, iPhone and Mac) and Android. Use the icons below to download.

How do I watch live horse racing on the Racing Post?

You can now watch races live from UK courses on the Racing Post mobile app without placing a bet. To view races, simply login to one or more of your bookmaker accounts and see how your horse gets on with our ‘Watch Live’ service. To view races at Irish courses or Chelmsford you must still place a bet to be eligible.

Tipping a back to lay is becoming extremely popular. But why? Because it’s so much easier to pick a horse that will lead, or at least travel better than its price than to choose the out-right winner.

How do you read quick form in horse racing?

Quick form is printed near the racehorse name on every race card that is published online or on printed cards at betting shops. This is a series of six numbers, letters and symbols indicating the horse’s most recent results. Does horse form show all races? Horse form only shows up to the six most recent races run by a horse.

How to pick a horse in horse racing?

Reading the Daily Racing Form The Daily Racing Form is the go-to form for all bettors. This is where you get (almost) all of the information you need to pick your horse. Most people will pick solely from the form, or couple the info in the form with going to the paddock to see the horse in the flesh.

How do you read a horse’s number?

The recent form of the horse is most commonly looked at by punters. It’s listed on the race card as a sequence of numbers & letters, with the most recent race represented by the rightmost character. Numeric values tell you where the horse placed in a race.

Do all horse races show up on the form?

This means that for horses just starting their careers, the form will show all their races. However, for the majority of horses it is only an indication of their last six results. What is the best horse racing form guide?

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