Castle climbing speed dating

castle climbing speed dating

How many weeks do you have to climb the castle?

Competitors will have two weeks in which to climb the routes at the Castle, from Saturday 16th November . At the end of the series there will be a Grand Final on 22 March 2014. To be considered for the final competitors must compete in at least two rounds.

What is the world record for climbing time?

When mechanical-electric timing is used, the climbing time is accurate to one hundredth of a second. As of 04/28/17, Iranian climber Reza Alipourshenazandifar holds the mens 15 meter speed world record; 5.48 seconds.

How important is time in speed climbing?

In pure speed climbing, time is everything but it is also common to record speed ascents while observing a particular climbing style or ethic. For example, there are many speed records in which the climb was done according to free climbing ethics.

What is competition speed climbing?

Competition speed climbing Competition speed climbing as governed by the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) takes place on 15m artificial walls. Competitors climb a 5-degree overhanging IFSC certified wall, with an auto-belaying system from the top of the wall. Since 2007 the IFSC has created a standard wall for the world record.

Can I learn to climb at the castle?

Climbing is awesome - you can get fit while having fun. These pages will give you all the information you need about climbing at The Castle, from learning to climb to making the most out of your visit here. If you’re new to climbing, make sure you check our First Visit page - this provides essential information for first timers.

Who needs to book The castle?

Welcome to The Castle booking page. Who needs to book? Off peak (Mon – Fri before 5pm): Pay Per Climb, Bulk Buy (Punch Card) customers can book although not required for entry. Peak (Mon – Fri 5pm onwards and all day at the weekend): Pay Per Climb, Bulk Buy (Punch Card) customers, Off Peak Membership holders MUST book

What equipment do I need to climb the castle?

Most climbers also have a chalk bag to keep their hands from slipping on the holds. You can hire all of this equipment from The Castle Shop. Helmets are also available to hire from the shop. Please remember to bring a re-usable water bottle.

How do I book a one-off visit to the castle?

To book a one-off visit, you will need to register at the Castle with an Acknowledgement of Risk Form. If you want to visit us at Peak Time (Mon-Fri evenings after 5pm, or anytime at the weekend) you will need to book in advance.

What is speed climbing and how does it work?

Speed climbing is one form of indoor rock climbing where athletes compete for the fastest time to the top of the climbing wall. The competition takes places on a standardized climbing wall, and the same holds and route and used each time for consistency across competition.

Is there a speed climbing competition in the US?

Speed climbing has been included in the World Cup Circuit for many years, but there have been fewer IFSC speed climbing competitions in the United States. Many U.S. gyms have speed walls, but only a small handful are approved for IFSC world records or competitions.

What are the standards for Speed climbing?

The standards for speed climbing are determined by the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC). The rules for an official IFSC speed climbing competition are simple: Climbers compete on the same route, side by side, and the first to the top wins.

What are the different types of speed climbing?

Competition speed climbing, which takes place on an artificial standardized climbing wall, is the main form of speed climbing, however, there are other variations of speed climbing which take place out doors.

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