Dating royal worcester china

dating royal worcester china

How do you date a Worcester piece?

Crescent mark dating Royal Worcester pieces back to before – Photo by 1783 Classic Replacements. However, the Worcester marks celebrate the inaugural year by having a 51 in the centre of a circle as part of the mark. Early Worcester marks are very rare, with typically a crescent mark, which dates the piece from the Wall era before 1783.

Who are Worcester Royal Porcelain Co Ltd?

The Worcester Royal Porcelain Co Ltd was formed in 1862. Over the years factory marking of pieces has evolved and although marks vary from impressed and hand written to printed emblems, the majority of bone china produced was marked in the way described below.

When did Worcester start using the Worcester dating system?

After 1963 no Worcester dating system is used but patterns are all named and bear the date that they were first introduced. This continued until 1963 when 13 dots are arranged around the W.

When did the Royal Worcester start using the 51 mark?

But it wasn’t until 1862, when the company was restructured, that the Royal Worcester marks were first introduced, and they did not become usual until 1867. These early marks incorporated a circle with the 51 in the centre and a crown – either just above the circle or attached to the edge.

What is the history of the Worcester date Mark?

Royal Worcester Date Marks. The Worcester Porcelain Factory was founded in 1751 by Dr John Wall, Royal Worcester marks incorporating a crown above a circle were first introduced in 1862 and combined the number 51 within the circle signifying the year Dr Wall founded the original company.

How do I Date my Royal Worcester porcelain?

This helps you to date your Royal Worcester porcelain. Here are the letters and markings you should look out for: 1892 – 1 dot on left of crown. The system for dating continued from 1915, however the main design of the backstamp was mostly unchanged.

How many dots does a Worcester date Mark have?

Royal Worcester date marks circa 1900, one with two dots for 1893, one with 12 dotes for 1903 and one with 14 dots for 1905 The method of using an additional dot for each year was becoming rather cumbersome, so in 1916 a small star was used below the standard mark with the addition of a dot for each preceding year.

How do you date a Worcester Ivory vase?

Royal Worcester ivory glazed dolphin handled vase. Standard printed mark in puce introduced in 1891 - note the word England added. This mark used tiny dots between the crown and text to denote the date (1891 no dots, 1892 one dot etc). Here the single date code dot is for 1892.

What does the number 51 mean on Worcester porcelain?

The standard printed Royal Worcester factory marks, included the number 51 in the centre that refers to the year 1751 when the Worcester Porcelain Company was founded by Dr John Wall. The mark can appear in any colour, and on a variety of materials. The marks almost always included a code to indicate the year of manufacture.

What is the history of the Royal Worcester Mark?

The modern Royal Worcester mark (without the words Royal Worcester England and the dots) was first introduced in 1862. Initially two numbers in addition to the logo indicated the date (eg 63 for 1863 impressed or printed).

When were the Worcester date codes introduced?

In 1862 with the restructuring of the Royal Worcester company and the introduction of a new factory mark came the first of the new Worcester date coding sequences.

What is the history of the Royal Worcester porcelain factory?

The Royal Worcester porcelain factory is the oldest, continuously operating, english porcelain factory still in production today. Here we look at Royal Worcester history, the Worcester marks, artists and porcelain wares. The first Royal Worcester factory was established on the banks of the River Severn by a group of local businessmen.

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