Boker tree brand dating

boker tree brand dating

Are Boker Knives still made?

Even though the Boker factory in Solingen was completely destroyed during WWII, the factory was rebuilt and eventually resumed making high quality pocket knives once again! Here are a list of tang stamps to help date vintage Boker knives.

When did the Boker come out?

There are a few variations on this theme, dating up through the 1950s on US made Bokers. Many variations of these were used in the early 1900s also. Shield on the left is circa 1937.

Where did the tree brand come from?

A large chestnut tree grew over the top of the factory and idea for the Tree Brand logo and symbol was born. In terms of cutlery, Robert and Hermann Boker began making sabers in 1829 and soon were making over 2000 a week. Pocket knives, razors and scissors were produced in large numbers after the founding of Heinrich Boker & Co. in 1869.

How can you tell the age of a Boker Knife?

We know how difficult it is to determine the age of a Boker knife. Tang stamps, steel, bolster and liner materials, blade etches, and scale materials all tell a part of the story. Another method is by looking at the shields. It is tricky, because one needs to be certain that the shield is original to the knife.

Where are Boker Knives made?

Traditional hunting and outdoor knives, made by hand in our renowned Boker Knife Manufactory in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Attractive sports, outdoor and EDC knives with unbeatable price-performance ratio, conceived in Solingen for daily use and manufactured in Asia.

Why choose a Böker Solingen knife?

Böker Solingen has been producing amazing knives for over 150 years. But there are many different collections. There are, for instance, knives for every budget and for various purposes. That is why we will help you find the right Böker knife.

Is the Boker 4034 a good knife?

I also have a 1989 single blade lockback 4034 with a 1/4 thick 440C blade. I won’t use this knife because it was only made one year. The knife is beautiful. I have many other Boker knives no complaints. Reply Roostersays July 28, 2020 at 9:24 pm I have a Boker Plus Escrima fixed blade and it is held securely in its kydex sheath even upside down.

What is a PLUSPLUS Boker Knife?

Plus is Boker’s mid-range knife branch, and it is a great place to start for someone new to Boker knives. These are usually made as a compromise between price and quality.

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Where did the name brand come from?

How can you tell how old a Boker is?

We know how difficult it is to determine the age of a Boker knife. Tang stamps, steel, bolster and liner materials, blade etches, and scale materials all tell a part of the story.

How can I tell what year a Boker Knife was made?

You can look at a Case knife from post 1970 and find out the exact year in which it was manufactured. You just have to know the code. No such luck with Boker. There were a few years in the late 1980s during which Boker actually etched the year of manufacture on the blade.

Are Boker Knives Any good?

Some of the knives from this brand include the Boker Cox pocket knife, Boker Badger and Boker Trapper. The Boker Arbolito brand is considered one of the best kept secrets in the world of knives. Boker has a unique history with South America after the Boeker family moved into the Argentinian and Chilean markets in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Why is the Boker Knife symbol a tree?

The tree is an apt symbol for Boker because over its more than 150 year existence, the company has branched out and planted roots across the world. Currently, Boker USA Inc. is in charge of the production of the knives, but you may have seen Bokers name attached to other brands as well.

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