Barstoolria dating hank

barstoolria dating hank

How old are Ria and Hank from chicks in the office?

Hank is 28 years old and Ria is 24 years old. Also according to Ria on the latest Chicks in the Office episode, she never got the chance to really go out and live the single lifestyle. She started dating Hank at 19 and they had dated for about four years. Frankly, I can’t blame Ria here! We all want to enjoy our low to mid 20’s.

Are Ciuffo and Mush from Barstool Sports Dating?

As mentioned above, Mush and Ciuffo’s relationship was outed online yesterday, much to the ire of Barstool Sports’ passionate fanbase. Most of the abuse online was targeted towards Mush as he worked closely with Lockwood while secretly dating the producer’s ex-girlfriend of four years.

Did Ria and Hank agree to date co-workers?

Ria and Hank allegedly agreed that they wouldn’t date co-workers, according to This would mean that her choice to date Marty is going against something she previously agreed to with Hank. Here are more details about the Barstool Sports drama between Hank, Ria, and Marty.

Are Ria and Francesca Mariano on chicks in the office?

Along with Francesca, Ria is also a co-host of Chicks in the office. Over time, the podcast is getting eyeball attraction to the public day by day. Where is Francesca Mariano from?

Did Hank Lockwood and Ria break up?

It’s a breakup! We found out today that Barstool’s original couple, Hank Lockwood and Maria Ciuffo have officially broken up! That’s right folks, Hank and Ria broke up. There is no easy way to go about this so I will just say it.

Who is Gia Mariano from chicks in the office?

The famous podcaster is currently working with Barstool Sports and hosting a pretty well-rated pop culture show named Chicks in the office with her co-host Maria Ciuffo. Talking about her family life, she has a younger sister named Gia Mariano. She hasn’t shared information about her parents yet.

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