The hook up chopper

the hook up chopper

How many people attend the hook up Chopper Show?

Now, five years later, it draws some 500 people to enjoy a laid-back event that has joined the ranks of great UK chopper shows, from The Trip Out to the Assembly Show. “The Hook Up takes the roots of an old-school chopper rally and brings it up to date,” explains James.

How does a chopper work?

In the circuit diagram, chopper is shown as a switch CH. We will understand the working of this chopper in two steps: Switch ON period and Switch OFF period of chopper. Switch ON Period: When chopper (CH) is switched ON, the current will flow through the closed path formed by supply source Vs, inductor L and chopper CH.

What happens if the chopper is kept always on?

If the chopper is always OFF, α = 0 and hence, the output voltage Vo will be equal to source voltage Vs. Similarly, if chopper is kept always ON, the value of duty cycle will become unity and hence output voltage will become infinite.

What is step-up Chopper?

Step-up chopper is a static device whose average output DC voltage is greater than its input DC voltage. It is different from the step-down chopper. In step-down chopper, the average value of output voltage stepped down i.e. it is less than its input voltage. Working Principle of Step-up Chopper:

How many people go to the Chopper Show?

Now, five years later, it draws some 500 people to enjoy a laid-back event that has joined the ranks of great UK chopper shows, from The Trip Out to the Assembly Show.

What channel is American Chopper on?

American Chopper is an American reality television series that airs on Discovery Channel, produced by Pilgrim Films & Television. The series centers on Paul Teutul Sr. (frequently called Senior), and his son Paul Teutul Jr. (also known as Paulie or simply Junior), who manufacture custom chopper-style motorcycles.

Who are the members of American Chopper?

Mike Rowe, Paul Teutel Sr, Jonathan Hillstrand, Andy Hillstrand, John S Hendricks, Buddy Valastro, Paul Teutul Jr and Dave Salmoni attend the Paley Center for Medias annual gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on April 6, 2010, in New York City (Getty Images) The heart and soul of American Chopper is the father-son duo of Senior and Paulie.

What is the American Chopper spin off called?

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior is a reality television spin-off which premiered on the TLC channel on August 12, 2010. The show chronicles the rivalry between Orange County Choppers (OCC) owned by Paul Teutul Sr. and his son Paul Teutul Jr. s newly opened motorcycle business Paul Jr. Designs (PJD).

What is step up chopper circuit?

In both the chopper circuits, switch connects source with the load and diconnects at very fast speed or rate. Hence chopped output is derived from constant dc supply voltage. Figure-1 depicts circuit of Step Up Chopper . As it increases input voltage, hence it is also known as boost converter.

How does a step down Chopper work?

For a step down chopper the voltage output is always less than the voltage input. This is shown by the waveform below. This is also known as a buck-boost converter. It makes it possible to increase or reduce the voltage input level.

What is step up chopper or boost converter?

DC-DC converters are also known as Choppers. Here we will have a look at the Step Up Chopper or Boost converter which increases the input DC voltage to a specified DC output voltage. A typical Boost converter is shown below.

How does a type a chopper work?

Type A chopper works in the first quadrant. In this chopper, the voltage and current both are positive and flows in the same direction. Power from source to load and the average output voltage is less than input DC voltage.

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