Dating antique milk cans

dating antique milk cans

How do you date a milk can?

If your milk can is smooth with no melding marks, you can date it back to the early 20th century or later. Since grooves and solder marks made the milk transportation less sanitary, the milk transport companies updated the milk can model.

What was the purpose of milk cans in the 19th century?

During the 19th century, milk cans were composed of three pieces soldered together. The seams resulting from the solder were tough to clean and often served as a nidus for infection; your early 20th century milk can is rolled and molded in a single piece. These cans were used for the storage and transportation of milk.

How old is a milk can?

They were used from the 19th century up until the 1920s. If your milk can is smaller (around 5 gallons (19 L)), then your milk can is likely from the 20th century.

What can you do with vintage milk cans?

It’s really charming and it’s basically nothing more than just a weathered milk can filled with sticks and some Christmas ornaments hanging around. To make your vintage milk can look extra special you can also use stencils to paint something on it.

How do you cook with milk after the sell by date?

Simmer over low heat, stirring occasionally. After an hour, add 1 cup of milk and allow it to absorb before serving. In the case of frequently having milk on hand after its sell-by date, buy smaller containers of it or try shelf-stable milk.

How can you tell what year a milk can was made?

Identify cans made before 1950 by a 2- or 4- digit number on the label. Check to see if a 2- or 4-digit number is listed somewhere on the can. If the phone number is this short, you can safely assume that your milk can was made before 1950. If the phone number has 5 to 7 digits, you can determine that the can was made in the 1950s or 1960s.

What do the dates on milk bottles mean?

Best if used by. This date indicates when to consume the milk by for the best quality. Sell by. This date can help stores with inventory management, as it tells when to sell the milk by to ensure the best quality. Use by. This date is the last day you can expect the product to be at peak quality.

What can I do with milk that is past the expiration date?

If milk is near or just past its sell-by date, plan a few meals to use it up in cooking Replace water with milk in soups for a creamier and more nutritious meal. Cook oatmeal in milk instead of water for increased nutrition. Make a milky treat like rice pudding.

What to do with old milk cans?

There’s also the option to restore an old milk can in case you’re not really a fan of the rusty and weathered look and you want it to look more clean and to have a smooth surface. That can be a bit tricky and you’re going to need a few special supplies but it can definitely be done at home.

How to decorate a vintage farmhouse milk can?

You can stick with classic white sprigs or add a few soft colors to give it a fun and personalized touch. Rustic farmhouse milk can decor makes for a super cool and modern look while bringing in that taste of the vintage. It is so fun to take an awesome idea and run with it to create a look that is all your own.

What are old milk cans made of?

Milk cans were made from metal. There were many kinds of antique metal milk cans, most commonly from tin, aluminum, or galvanized steel to ward off rust. But even the detail work in the construction of these materials can help you figure out how to date old milk cans.

Is it hard to restore an old milk can?

The hardest part of course is getting your hands on one of those amazing milk cans. There’s also the option to restore an old milk can in case you’re not really a fan of the rusty and weathered look and you want it to look more clean and to have a smooth surface.

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