Hook up bc hydro

hook up bc hydro

Can I move my BC Hydro service to a new location?

If youre moving to an address that has an electrical connection, go immediately to start, stop or move your service. If you need BC Hydro service at a location that does not have an electrical connection (such as a new condo development, new vacation home or cabin), you will need to apply for a new electrical connection.

How do I open a BC Hydro account?

Opening a BC Hydro account to get electrical service at your home or business takes just a few steps. Start by letting us know what type of electrical service you need, and where. Get started by selecting your service below and signing up online.

Can I connect my power generator to BC Hydro?

If you are a generator owner or independent power producer, we can connect your power generator to our BC Hydro distribution network (up to 35 kV). FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions about new electrical connections.

What are BC Hydro’s installation requirements?

A summary of BC Hydro’s installation requirements are provided below: All materials from the stub-off on private property shall be supplied and installed by the customer. The minimum depth of burial for all ducts shall be 900 mm below the finished grade. The customer service conduit or duct must be gray, 75 mm (3 inches) in diameter, rigid DB2 PVC.

How do I get BC Hydro service at a new location?

Your landlord can also confirm your tenancy. If you need BC Hydro service at a location that does not have an electrical connection (such as a new condo development, new vacation home or cabin), you will need to apply for a new electrical connection. Are you a business customer? Business customers can start, stop or move service online.

What happens if the installation does not meet BC Hydro requirements?

If crews cant proceed with the request because the installation does not meet BC Hydro requirements, service will be rejected and call back charges will be applied. The point of attachment must be within 7 metres above the ground.

What happens when I cancel my BC Hydro account?

Your new address or a forwarding address if cancelling your service. An email address and phone number so we can reach you. There is a $12.40 + GST charge for all new accounts and moves. This charge will appear on your first BC Hydro bill. Accounts may also require a security deposit.

How do I remove a BC Hydro meter from my property?

Removal of service. BC Hydro crews will remove the service and the meter upon customer request at a vacant premise. Only the registered owner or authorized business partner can request the removal of service. Contact our Electrical Services Coordination Centre at 1 877 520 1355 to request a meter removal.

What is the primary guide for BC Hydro?

Primary Guide – BC Hydro document containing the requirements for design, construction, installation, access and connection of customer-owned equipment for primar y services supplied by BC Hydro distribution system voltage at 4kV to 35kV.

How do I install BC Hydro service in my building?

BC Hydro prefers installation of the service duct and meter base on the outside of the building wall. After the service has been connected, a removable and non-combustible aesthetic covering can be installed over the duct and meter base. there is a 25 mm access cavity around the meter base. Note: Drawing is for reference only.

Where can I get a primary service declaration from BC Hydro?

Primary Service Declaration – BC Hydro form entitled “Statement to BC Hydro Regarding Primary Voltage Service Entrance Equipment” (“Primary Service Declaration”) , available at all design offices (see Section 5.3. of this Primary Guide).

Do I need an intermediate pole for BC Hydro?

If the service length exceeds 30 metres, an intermediate pole may be required. Service connections to private property poles or garages may help alleviate problems resulting from clearances and other BC Hydro, WorkSafe BC and Electrical Code requirements. Trees must be cleared to 3 metres on each side of any secondary conductor.

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