Kelleher dating

kelleher dating

Could Kelleher International be the next big thing in dating?

They could. The $5-billion U.S. dating industry surged during the pandemic. Kelleher International recorded its best year ever in 2020; revenue then nearly doubled in 2021, to $12.4 million. The firm is on track to top $18 million this year.

How can I meet other Kelleher members?

Whether you are newly single, dating but ready to find your soulmate, or in a relationship and looking to meet other Kelleher Members through our exclusive KI Social Club, we connect our members on purpose. LOVE is at the center of everything we do.

Who is Frances Kelleher?

My name is Frances Kelleher & I am a Dating Coach. Like you I have loved and lost. My life’s path has allowed me to discover many insights, skills & experiences of how, not just to find the love of your life, but how to live the love life you want.

Who is Kelleher International?

Utilizing 30 plus years of experience in matchmaking some of the world’s most accomplished men and women, Jill Kelleher and her daughter Amber Kelleher-Andrews have grown Kelleher International into the worlds top-tier personalized matchmaking firm.

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