Dispatch scandal dating

dispatch scandal dating

Are there anydispatch couplescirculating online?

Lately, there have been quite a few rumors about Dispatch Couples circulating online! Quasi-traditionally, the media outlet Dispatch has always revealed at least one new celebrity couple each year on New Years Day.

Is dispatch infringing on the personal lives of stars?

Even so, interfering in the personal relationships of the stars, Dispatch often receives criticism for infringing on the personal lives of others. It is deemed that instead of invading celebrities’ privacy, Dispatch is just trying to give the public a deep insight into the artists’ lives.

Which is the best Korean newspaper for dating Affairs?

In Korea, before the appearance of TV Report, Dispatch was the only newspaper specializing in the dating affairs of idols or popular Korean stars. Even this newspaper has set a yearly routine that on January 1, they will publicize a dating celebrity couple (or more).

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