Cost to hook up pool heater

cost to hook up pool heater

How much does it cost to install a swimming pool heater?

The cost to install a swimming pool heater ranges between $3,450 and $5,450, with the average homeowner spending around $4,500 for a 300,000 BTU gas pool heater installed in a new pool with a surface area of 648 sq.ft. Updated: Jul 6, 2020 Whats new?

Is an electric pool heater a good buy?

For small pools up to about 15ft round the lower purchase cost of an electric heater makes it a good buy. But if your pool is any bigger then the electric option is less attractive. Taking the longer view, say 5 years of ownership, the extra purchase cost of a heat pump is more than paid back in lower fuel costs.

Can you hook up a gas pool heater to propane?

A gas pool heater uses natural gas or propane to keep the water warm. Homes with an existing gas line can hook the heater directly to the line, or you can choose to attach it to a propane tank. The installation process uses copper or PVC plumbing, venting, and electrical wiring to hook the heater up to your pool.

Why install a heater in your swimming pool?

Installing a heater will enhance the experience, making it more comfortable and pleasant to splash, play, and exercise. A heater can also extend the swimming season for the whole family, getting more use out of your investment.

How much does it cost to heat an inground pool?

Gas or Propane Pool Heater This is the most common type of heater design for both inground and above-ground pools. Gas or propane fuel these heaters and they are generally considered inexpensive to source and install. Expect to pay $1,000 to $4,500 for the heater itself and $500 to $1,500 for labor.

How much does a solar pool heater setup cost?

A solar pool heater setup can range widely in price, depending on the components you choose. You can expect to invest anywhere from $50 for solar pool blankets and rings to $4,000 for solar panels for inground pools.

Do I need a pool heater for my Pool?

Pool owners in cold regions have to install a pool heater that functions to retain warm water. On the other hand, in warmer areas, pool owners don’t have to heat their pools often. So, they can buy almost any type of heater. What affects the costs of pool heater installation? Some factors affect the cost of installing a pool heater.

Why are pool heaters so expensive?

They install new underground cables; thus, pool heater costs will be high. One of the most popular types of heater is the gas heater. Gas heaters incorporate natural gas or propane to function. They are useful and cost-friendly. Additionally, they heat water quickly and keep warm pool water. Thus they are energy saving.

How does a swimming pool heater work?

Turn the pump on to test the heater. The pump will force water from the pools intakes into the heater, where gas will be burned to heat up the water. The now warm water exits the heater to feed the jets on the side of the pool. Once the average water temperature is at the desired level, the heater will simply kick on to keep it maintained.

Should you add a pool heater to your pool?

Even on a warm day, most swimmers simply have to brace for impact and jump straight into the frigid pool water. After enduring the cold water for a while, your body adjusts to the temperature, and the water becomes tolerable--but usually not completely enjoyable. The addition of a pool heater makes getting into a pool like stepping into a bathtub.

Why do larger capacity pool heaters use less gas?

In practical (not “textbook”) application, since pools loose a great amount of heat through the surface area and this loss is constant based on time, the larger capacity heater can actually use LESS GAS over time because there is less heat loss during the shorter heat up time!

Can I heat my swimming pool with a solar heating system?

If you have a suitable location to mount a solar heating system, they are best used to simply keep the cost of energy used by gas heaters or heat pumps lower, but can be rather disappointing in our climate as a stand-alone heating system. Its good to know that heating your swimming pool can be quite expensive.

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