Sociopath dating a borderline personality

sociopath dating a borderline personality

Is a borderline personality disorder a form of sociopathy?

A question I’ve found myself considering is: When the borderline personality is acting, and looking, like a sociopath, is it the case that he or she, in these states, effectively is a sociopath? It should be noted that behaviors per se are never sociopathic, only the individuals perpetrating them.

Can borderline sociopaths be treated?

People with borderline sociopaths are often diagnosed as having antisocial personality disorder or psychopathic (sociopathic) behavior. BPD can be treated successfully through the use of various medications.

What is it like to date a sociopath?

The individual experience of dating a sociopath can vary from relationship to relationship, however abuse of any kind is never excusable. Dating a sociopath can have serious consequences on your mental health and well-being. Having a healthy relationship with a sociopath is not possible due to the fluctuations of their mood and behaviors.

Are women more likely to be sociopaths?

While both genders are capable of any sociopath behavior, women tend to present less aggressive antisocial behaviors and higher rates of general aggressive mood and irritability, while men present more violent behaviors. Furthermore, women use more subtle ways to emotionally manipulate others while men often use more overt and dominant ways. 1

What is a borderline sociopath personality disorder?

A borderline sociopath is a person with a personality disorder that is characterized by severe emotional instability and significant problems in interpersonal relationships. People with borderline sociopathy may have symptoms such as severe anxiety, chronic feelings of emptiness, depression, and impulsive behavior.

Can borderline personality disorder be explained by psychotic orientation?

These unstable trends are not explained by a core psychotic orientation, although individuals with borderline personality can sometimes lapse into psychotic thinking when feeling hurt and rejected enough.

What causes a person to become a sociopath?

People who experience childhood abuse or neglect, or who live in chaotic or violent homes, are more likely to develop borderline sociopathy. The problem is that this form of emotional abuse is often seen as a “relationship issue” when it’s actually more like emotional enslavement.

What is a sociopathic mentality?

Sociopathy is a mentality from which antisocial, exploitative behaviors gestate and emanate with a destructive, historical chronicity. But one can infer the presence of the sociopathic mentality from a telling pattern of behaviors.

Why is sociopathy more common in men than in women?

You are correct, sociopathy is more frequently diagnosed in men than women. This article: Women are less frequently convicted of most crimes, and most studies of sociopaths use prison populations. Because most male sociopaths are more impulsive, high tempered, and dominant/power hungry than female sociopaths.

Are there female sociopaths in cults?

Cult leaders. There seems to be two themes among female sociopaths that are not so prevalent in male led groups, one being the avoidance of sex and the other being food. The women psychopaths may target women who want to get away from sex for whatever reason. Instead they offer female nurturing and support.

What are the characteristics of a female sociopath?

Another subset are those who kill one or several husbands for the inheritance and life assurance. Some female sociopaths demonstrate antisocial behavior as children and as adolescents. Lying, stealing, truancy, cruelty to animals and siblings, drug abuse, early sexual activity. Of course, there may be frequent run-ins with the law.

Are female sociopaths and narcissists more dangerous?

Female sociopaths and narcissists are dangerous precisely because their manipulation often flies under the radar. Although there is an ongoing debate about the definition of “sociopath” versus “narcissist,” it’s safe to say that both types exhibit the following: ?

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