Dating in new york vs san francisco

dating in new york vs san francisco

Is it easier to date in SF or NYC?

Add in the east bay, and NYC is only about 8 times larger then SF. So, even without the gender skew, there are just a lot more women in NYC, and a lot more types of women. NYC is far far far more diverse on every axis / scale. Ive lived and dated in both these cities in the past few years. Dating in NYC is easier, but with significant caveats.

What is the difference between SF and NYC culture?

In SF people usually talk about how awesome their lives ARE, in NYC (and LA) people talk about their goals and ambitions. SF is extremely self satisfied, and attitude that does not go over well in NYC, where, as good as things are, you are expected to be busting you ass to make it that much better.

What is it like to live in New York City?

NYC is far far far more diverse on every axis / scale. There are also a lot more men, but since the population is way less self selected and homogeneous then SF, being a tech guy who makes good money is a big plus, not just average.

Should you vacation in San Francisco or New York City?

When you go on vacation to New York you go for the unique and bustling atmosphere and the many adventures that come with the vast city. When you go on vacation to San Francisco you not only go for the city but for the coast, wine country, and the laid-back vibes.

What is the difference between San Francisco and New York City?

San Franciscans and probably Californians in general are more conscious of their environmental footprint compared to New Yorkers. It’s rare to find a recycling bin on the street here but it’s slowly improving. 2. The Bay Area has a larger tech scene but New York has claims to almost everything else. 3.

What are the differences between New York City and the Bay Area?

In New York you exercise at the gym and in the Bay Area you have that option but the surrounding mountains are also at our disposal for hiking. 8. New York has Smorgasburg, San Francisco has food trucks.

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