Harry potter fanfiction james and lily secretly dating

harry potter fanfiction james and lily secretly dating

Is it possible for Harry to date Lily Evans?

No problem, he answered, feeling quite confident. Come on, fake dating was probably the closest hed get to actually dating Lily Evans. Okay, youll need to come over at seven on Friday night. And dress nicely, in muggle clothes.

Is this our chance to wait out Lily Potter?

Exactly. This is our chance. Were going to wait her out. She got a devious glint in her blue eyes. Knowing Lily, when she sees Erlot and James dry humping against every wall in Hogwarts, she will get insanely jealous. Soon enough, she will have hexed Erlot and snogged James, all in the space of a week. Its the perfect plan.

Why did Lily frowned at James and Lilys relationship?

She frowned at the couple, trying to see why James would want to snog the girl. Sadly, she found several reasons. She had long blonde ringlets tumbling down her back, and from what she saw of this girls face, it looked like she had pretty features, sort of elfin. Lily could never get her hair to do that, she thought resentfully.

What did Lily say to James Potter when he got the wand?

Aww, cmon Moony, Im Head Boy. Dont I have immunity to that curfew thing? The wand illuminated James glittering eyes and swollen lips, and Lily held back an angry hiss.

How old is Lily Evans in Harry Potter?

Petunia Evans came running down the stairs, shrieking at the top of her lungs. Close behind her was a large owl and a red-headed seventeen year old witch by the name of Lily Evans.

Who does Lily Potter date in Harry Potter?

She is begrudgingly partnered with none other than James Potter, who was given the position of Head Boy. Later in the year, Lily and James start dating. During her seventh year she was voted Nicest by her peers as her superlative.

Can Harry travel back in time and get with Lily?

: HPfanfiction Harry travels back in time and gets with Lily when shes still in Hogwarts? No shame. Bot issues? PM /u/tusing One year into Voldemorts rein, a confrontation with the Dark Lord catapults the Boy-Who-Lived into 1975.

When did Lily Evans and James Potter get married?

We know that Petunia and Vernon were married first (Pm), possibly while Lily and James were still at Hogwarts, so their wedding definitely came later. Working backwards nine months from Harrys birth puts the date some time in 1979. Lily Evans and James Potter are married. Date 1979.

Why Did James And Lily Marry So Young? Not that there is anything wrong with marrying at a young age, but their wedding would have taken place between the summer of 1978 and the autumn of 1979 — putting them at 18 or 19, just a year after graduating from Hogwarts.

Did Lily and Petunias parents die in the Wizarding War?

We know canonically that James parents were old, but we are given absolutely nothing on Lily and Petunias parents, who presumably died around the time Lily graduated. Did their deaths have anything to do with the Wizarding War? Is that the real reason Petunia felt like she could never forgive her sister?

What happened to Lily and James Potter’s wands?

On the night they were murdered, James and Lily were caught by surprise in their home without their wands on them. In a passage from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry sees his parents’ murder from Voldemort’s point of view. As Voldemort encounters James he observes, “It was easy, too easy, he had not even picked up his wand.”

Why didn’t James Potter use his wand against Voldemort?

A previous passage shows that James had tossed his wand on the couch prior to Voldemort’s attack, leaving him completely unarmed and unable to defend himself or his family. Voldemort also comments on that fact that Lily doesn’t have her wand either as she barricaded herself in Harry’s room.

Did James Potter and Lily Potter work in the Harry Potter movies?

Judging from Uncle Vernon’s comments in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, James and Lily didn’t work at all. While they were members of The Order of the Phoenix, that was a voluntary position, not a paid one. J.K. Rowling explained in an appearance at Carnegie Hall that “James has gold, enough to support Sirius and Lily.

How does Lily Potter protect Harry Potter from Voldemort?

The final, terrified protestations of Lily Potter reflect the powerful protection shes able to put on him before she dies; by standing in Voldemorts way and sacrificing herself, she shields Harry from the killing curse. From: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter Twelve, The Patronus, p.255.

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