Dating a perazzi

dating a perazzi

How to determine the age of your Perazzi?

YEAR OF MANUFACTURE How To Determine The Age of Your Perazzi All Ital im shot:uns are stamped with the year of proofing by the Italian House. If you take your barrels and turn them upside down you will seea number of on the underside of the (refer picture)J These include the Serial number.

Who is Perazzi USA?

Perazzi USA is the importer and distributor for the United States Market. Clients are always welcome to visit the showroom, where the most popular models from our vast range are displayed.

When did Perazzi start making shotguns?

Company founded in 1957. During 1970s, Ithaca and Winchester imported and sold Perazzi shotguns. Perazzi has now taken over its own importation and distribution in United States, with creation of Perazzi USA, Inc. In addition, each model may be available in different grades. These grades are based on type of finish, engraving and wood quality.

Are Perazzi guns high-grade?

According to Perazzi USA, these Standard Grade guns account for approximately 98 percent of North American sales. Therefore, it is unlikely that shooter or collector will encounter high-grade Perazzi guns. It should be pointed out that in some models no Extra Grade or Extra Gold Grade shotguns have ever been sold in United States.

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