Bomi chen dating

bomi chen dating

Are Bomi and Chen from Exo dating?

It’s not only Chorong, the main dancer of Apink, but Bomi is also paired up with one of the main vocals in EXO, Chen. Rumor has it that Bomi and Chen are dating.

Is Apinks Bomi dating a BTS member?

The APINK member Bomi recently did live streaming with her Pink Pandas but someone gave rude comments during the ongoing stream regarding her alleged dating rumor with a BTS member. Keen-eyed fans of the K-pop idol were enjoying the singers V Live stream when a harsh person commented against Bomi.

Are Apink Bomi and Exo Sehun’s name mentioned in playful and casual conversation?

According to No Cut News, Apink Bomi and EXO Sehun’s name appeared in the playful and casual conversation, as the people in the audio heatedly play the online game. Both Apink and EXO’s agency have responded to this controversy.

Does BTS Eunji have a boyfriend?

Besides ‘claiming’ a foreigner as her boyfriend, Eunji also got to date 2AM Jinwoon in ‘Dating Alone’, a variety show where the guest is able to have a good time on a virtual date. Jinwoon who became Eunji’s first boyfriend in this show was confident that he could be a good boyfriend by becoming a match for Eunji’s carefree personality.

Which BTS member has a girlfriend?

Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of BTS 1 RM. RM is one member of BTS who has admitted to having a girlfriend. ... 2 Jin. In 2015, Jin faced rumors that he was dating comedienne Lee Guk Joo. ... 3 Suga. In middle school, Suga submitted a letter about love to a local radio host. ... 4 J-Hope. ... 5 V. ... 6 Jimin. ... 7 Jungkook. ...

Are BTS members Jimin&Jungkook dating?

BTS members Jimin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, V, Jin and J-Hopes are all currently single, but there have been plenty of dating and girlfriend rumours surrounding them. When it comes to BTS, there are various rumours about the guys having girlfriends.

Is Jin from BTS dating Hong Suk Chul?

She said that Jin was never her boyfriend after all. She was quick to point out that Hong Suk Chul had met her boyfriend before, “My boyfriend and I went to his restaurant!” Besides this rumor, Jin has stayed relatively free from other dating rumors. Jin says his ideal type is someone with a puppy-like face and personality.

Are Apink Eunji and Jung Eun ji dating?

However, APinks label Play M had denied the rumor and has stated that the twos only relationship is being a hoobae and sunbae to each other. During Eunjis radio program Jung Eun Jis Gayo Plaza, she was asked by a listener about her boyfriend.

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