Beer keg hook up

beer keg hook up

How does a steel keg work?

The hero always gets carried on the shoulders of fans. Steel kegs are built to withstand pressure, both from the outside and the inside. With some beer containers (casks, mini-kegs, torpedoes and beer balls) the spout is often at the bottom of the vessel, and gravity forces the beer out of the tap when its opened.

What happens if you connect a keg the wrong way?

If you connect these kegs the wrong way, your gas keg will be full and your faucet keg will end up being the partial keg. When this occurs, the beer being pushed into the partial keg will cascade down to the bottom of the keg and turn to foam. This will make the beer very foamy when it’s poured out of the faucet.

How do you hook up a beer line to a keg?

Connect Beer Line to Coupler Now connect the beer line from the tower (3) to the keg coupler. Insert the neoprene washer (14) into the beer line hex nut (the beer line is the line coming from the tower and faucet).

Why is the tap at the top of a keg?

With some beer containers (casks, mini-kegs, torpedoes and beer balls) the spout is often at the bottom of the vessel, and gravity forces the beer out of the tap when its opened. But when it comes to the average keg, the tap is at the top. So what makes that beer defy gravity and rise out of the tap?

How are beer kegs made?

How Beer Kegs Work. A keg is a fancy version of your basic barrel. In the factory, a sheet of stainless steel is rolled into a cylinder and welded together. Then, at the cylinders midpoint, a set of ribs is pressed into it for added rigidity. Next, top and bottom steel plates are stamped out and likewise welded into place.

How does a keg tap work?

A tap is a one-way valve that, when opened, permits beer to escape but allows nothing back in. Of course, a certain amount of pressure is lost with the exiting beer, and this is why the keg has to be re-pressurized with either air (via a party pump) or one of those fancy gases.

What is a keg?

Kegs are durable, portable, and ready for any occasion. Whether its standing proudly at the center of a party or hiding discretely in the back room of a pub, the keg is the vessel of choice for beer. Thats why more than 60 million gallons of beer are sold in kegs every year.

Why is there a spear in a keg?

The airtightness of a keg is incredibly important -- its what keeps the beer from becoming flat and flavorless. Still, the beer has to come out somewhere, and thats why theres a spear. The spear is a long metal tube that reaches almost to the bottom of the keg.

Should you tap a keg when it is warm?

If the beer or keg is warm. When you tap the keg you will pour foamy beer. The ideal temp is 38 degrees. Typically its nice to let a keg rest in a beer cooler for 24 hrs before tapping it. So that its at temperature.

How does a keg work?

A very tight seal is fitted to the top of the keg, called a fitting. A tube is attached to it inside the keg, reaching all the way to the bottom. This tube then transports the beer into the hose, which is connected to the tap. The hose connecting the tap with the keg fitting ends in a special head, regulated using a lever.

What tap system do I need for my keg?

The majority of Domestic beer kegs sold in the US use the American D system. However it is wise to confirm this with the vendor, as some imports may require a different tap system. Possible systems include: Ice your keg.

Do you have to tip a keg?

In that case, you would just have to tip the keg so the tap is at a point below the level of the drink. Be aware, however, that beer or lager in kegs is usually carbonated by the pumping system, so expect your drink to be flat (or invest in a cheap tap with mini CO2 cylinders).

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