Arrow dating

arrow dating

Are there any relationships on Arrow that dont make sense?

While there have been some great romances on the popular TV show Arrow, there are many relationships that dont make sense. Lets look at both. The OG Arrowverse show, Arrow is an impressive example of a what superhero TV series looks like done right.

What is Arrow about?

Arrow follows billionaire playboy Oliver Queen ( Stephen Amell ), who claimed to have spent five years shipwrecked on Lian Yu, a mysterious island in the North China Sea, before returning home to Starling City (later renamed Star City) to fight crime and corruption as a secret vigilante whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.

What is the oldest arrow found in the world?

Likely arrowheads made from animal bones have been discovered in the Fa Hien Cave in Sri Lanka which are also the oldest evidence for the use of arrows outside of Africa dating to c. 48,000 years ago.

Is Arrow a good show?

Arrow has received generally positive reviews from critics. The series has received several awards and multiple nominations. In October 2014, a spin-off TV series titled The Flash premiered. The Flash was later followed by other spin-offs which are all part of the same shared universe.

Does the Arrowverse make too much sense?

The Arrowverse has become more and more complex as shows and characters have been added to its ever-growing roster. With that complicated range of settings and people, a lot of things have started to not make too much sense about this universe.

Do any of the Arrowverse characters have secret identities?

The secret identities of people in the Arrowverse are pretty poor at best. This was a major part of the shows during their original formation but over time the nature of a secret identity has been completely forgotten. In fact, its pretty obvious who many of these heroes are.

Are the Flash and arrow friends?

One thing that fans look forward to are crossovers and there is no better crossover event than the episodes where The Flash and Arrow cross paths for an epic adventure. Usually, these specials deal with the intricate friendship between the main heroes but theirs is a friendship that raises too many questions when you give it too much thought.

Is time travel in the Arrowverse too confusing?

Time travel will be confusing in any universe, but the Arrowverse made it even more confusing after Flashpoint and other speedsters started interfering with the timeline. The Legends on the Waverider have not helped matters in this department.

Is Arrow the best DC show?

Arrow is absolutely the best of the CW DC shows (except Smallville). The show had its ups and downs throughout its run but it was still an overall really good show and the last season was one of the best! Stephen Amell was absolutely perfect as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen! Im really going to miss this show!

Should I watch Arrow?

If yes, I’d highly recommend at least looking at Season 1. The first 3 seasons of Arrow are incredibly well written and suspenseful. Amazing character development, drama, complex relationships, and action. Everything I want in a superhero show. I was incredibly impressed with the characters in Arrow and how they interacted.

Why is arrow so popular?

ARROW is an easy show to watch because action scenes are inserted into every episode and the action is choreographed as it should be: violent, hard-hitting, and fast-paced; it doesnt disappoint. Its a more than watchable show, which is why Ill be coming back for season two. Season Two of ARROW is firmly in the category of more of the same.

What are the best seasons of Arrow?

Season 1 also had one of the better big bads in the form of John Barrowman’s Malcolm Merlyn, a.k.a. the Dark Archer. The second year of Arrow is, to this day, still recognized as one of the all-time strongest seasons of any DC series. After a strong first season that began its mythology, season 2 took the series to a new level.

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