Who is damon salvatore dating 2020

who is damon salvatore dating 2020

Does Damon Salvatore have a relationship with Stefan?

Unfortunately Damon ticked off Jules, a werewolf, and she showed up on a full moon for revenge. Damon has had a challenging relationship with his younger brother Stefan Salvatore for over a century. Before they became vampires, they both loved the vampire Katherine Pierce.

Who is Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries?

Damon Salvatore is a fictional character in The Vampire Diaries (novel series) . He is portrayed by Ian Somerhalder in the television series. Initially, Damon is the main antagonist in the beginning of the show and later became a protagonist.

Who is Stefan Salvatore’s wife?

News learned that Paul Wesley, who played Stefan Salvatore on the hit CW series, has married his partner Ines de Ramon. In 2015, Ian Somerhalder, who played his brother Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, married Twilight star Nikki Reed.

How well do you know the Vampire DiariesDamon Salvatore?

Its impossible to imagine The Vampire Diaries without brooding bad-boy Damon Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder — or Ian Smolderholder, as he is more affectionately known by fans. The actor was an integral part of the show, which initially centered on his character falling in love with his brother Stefans girlfriend, Elena.

Is Stefan Salvatore in love with Elena or Damon?

Although the crowd loved Elena with both Stefan and Damon, among other couples, something about Stefans relationships always stood out. It was clear that he loved with everything he had and cared deeply for the ladies in his life. Stefan Salvatores love interests were possibly the best in the series.

What is the origin of Damon and Stefan Salvatore?

Damon and Stefan were born to Giuseppe Salvatore and Lilian Salvatore in Mystic Falls in the 1800s. They grew up being best friends but in 1864, a young woman came to stay at the Salvatore Estate, Katherine Pierce. Both brothers were smitten with her and a rivalry for her began.

What happened to Damon Salvatore?

Damon died in Home in a sacrifice to bring Stefan back. This love triangle parallels the one of Stefan, Elena, and Damon quite a lot. Both Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan, are in love with the same girl. Elena and Katherine are both doppelgängers.

What is the relationship between Stefan and Damon?

In 1912, it is revealed that Damon and Stefan had a half-brother. Their father Giuseppe had gotten one of the maids pregnant and she had a son. This half brother is the ancestor to Zach Salvatore. Stefan became a vampire before Damon, implying that he may be stronger than him.

How old is Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries?

Damon Salvatore is one of the two main male protagonists of The Vampire Diaries. Damon was a 178-year-old vampire and distant descendant of Silas. Since his younger brother, Stefan Salvatore, injected him with the Cure, his is now human. He was a major antagonist in the first part of Season One.

How does Damon die in the Vampire Diaries?

Damon goes to the cellar as he had hit a snag in his other lead to defeat Klaus. Damon breaks through a wall that reveals a tunnel, and the duo traverse through it. Unexpectedly, Damon is stabbed with wooden stakes from different directions.

What happened to Zach Salvatore in Vampire Diaries?

In April 1994 (after Kurt Cobain died), Damon with his humanity still off, shows up on Stefans doorstep, wanting to make amends. Zach Salvatore, the owner of the house and their nephew, allows Damon in on Stefans promise that hell keep him in line. Zach has been living with Gail who is pregnant with his child.

What did Damon do to Klaus on the Vampire Diaries?

Having obtained Klaus phone records off-screen, Damon paid Klaus a visit to tell him he sucked at two things: Find Katherine and covering up his secret phone conversations with Hayley.

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