Are annie and hayden dating again

are annie and hayden dating again

Are Hayden Summerall and Annie LeBlanc dating?

Annie LeBlanc & Hayden Summerall reveal they are officially dating live onstage at their concert.

How would you describe the relationship between Annie and Hayden?

Just a quick search of Hannie on YouTube will pull up thousands of edits of the two pre-teens. Annie and Hayden are constantly teasing one another. Whenever theyre near any body of water, Hayden picks Annie up and threatens to throw her in. Sometimes, he succeeds! They play-fight, chase, and mock each other almost always.

Are Annie and Hayden Panettiere dating?

Annie and Hayden star in a web series called Chicken Girls on the channel Brat. Just like in real life, Hayden and Annie play close friends who everyone thinks should be boyfriend and girlfriend. It certainly doesnt help rumors that theyre dating.

Do Annie and Hayden live in California?

Although Annie and her family are often in Los Angeles, they dont actually live in California. Its hard enough to be friends long distance, but these two make it work. This also explains how happy Annie and Hayden are when they finally do see each other. They have to hug hi and bye when they see each other.

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