Who is mastermind dating in real life

who is mastermind dating in real life

How old is mastermind Uzalo?

On January 8, 1991, Mastermind Uzalo was born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. His real name is Ntokozo Dlamini. As of now, He is 30 years old. He was born under the astrological sign of Capricorn. The information regarding his family background is missing from the social media sites.

Where is mastermind Dlamini now?

For those who have been following the SA TV show, the character portrayed by T.K Dlamini, Mastermind, has been away from the show for a while. Being a gangster who has a way of getting in and out of trouble, Mastermind is currently languishing behind bars.

Who has Matt Somerhalder dated off-screen?

Mirroring Damons love life, Somerhalder was also involved in a bit of a love triangle while shooting The Vampire Diaries. Off-screen, the actor dated co-star Nina Dobrev for three years. However, when their relationship ended in 2013, Somerhalder started something up with another actor: Dobrevs good friend Nikki Reed.

Are any of the ‘manifest’ cast members dating?

Karkanis and Parveen Kaur are two more Manifest cast members who keep their private lives out of the public eye. That said, Karkanis has reportedly been dating a Canadian journalist based in Toronto since 2009, according to Affairpost. Holly Taylor is a new Manifest cast member in Season 3.

Who is mastermind Uzalo?

Mastermind Uzalo shot to popularity and stardom playing “Mastermind Maphumulo” on the South African telenovela “Uzalo”. Likewise, he is also popular for many of his hosting jobs such as the 2011 and 2012 Durban Hip-Hop Awards. Mastermind Uzalo was born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, on January 8, 1991.

Is Tk Dlamini returning to Uzalo as mastermind?

AFTER a year of not appearing on SABC1’s flagship soapie Uzalo, actor Ntokozo “TK” Dlamini is back to revive his role as Mastermind. His return has left many of the show’s viewers excited with most saying the soapie is going back to its former glory.

How old is Thuthuka Mthembu from Uzalo?

Thuthuka Mthembu recently surprised her fans when she revealed that she is 22 years old. Most Uzalo fans thought she was way younger than that after all the girl resembles a teenager not more than 18 years old.

Who is Nonka from Uzalo married to?

She has stolen fan’s hearts as the character of Nonka on Uzalo. Her recent stint is her wedding to Sbonelo who also married her now sister wife Sphilile.

Who are the actors in manifest?

Manifest Cast: Where Youve Seen The Actors Before Melissa Roxburgh (Michaela Stone) Josh Dallas (Ben Stone) Athena Karkanis (Grace Stone) J.R. Ramirez (Jared Vasquez) Luna Blaise (Olive Stone) Jack Messina (Cal Stone) Parveen Kaur (Saanvi Bahl) Matt Long (Zeke Landon) Holly Taylor (Angelina) ...

Are the cast of manifest coming back for Season 4?

This means that we are not guaranteed to see every cast member return. At least one Manifest star, for example, booked another show during the time the show was off the air. A number of cast members, however, have confirmed they will be back for Season 4, which is set to be the final season of the show.

How well do you knowmanifestcast members?

Starring Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J.R. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, and Elizabeth Marvel, to name a few cast members, Manifest is filled with familiar faces, particularly (or especially) if youre a TV lover. If youre wondering where youve seen the Flight 828 passengers before, we can help.

Is Melissa Roxburgh in manifest season 4?

Of course, Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas will be back in the lead as Ben and Michaela Stone, the fearless leaders of the Flight 828 passengers. Most of the main cast members since the beginning of the show will also be back for season 4. Who is leaving Manifest season 4? SPOILERS!

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