Dating rich vs poor

dating rich vs poor

Is it better to date a rich or poor girl?

Talking in terms of girls, whether poor or rich girl doesn’t make any difference as long as you are very close and understanding to each other. If you are in a shallow relationship, a poor girl can “dig” you well for money and a rich girl can “crush” you for her expectations.

What happens when you date a rich man?

If you date rich men or one man, in particular, you will probably find that a lot of the time your expectations of life do not align with theirs. This can be any kind of expectation, from the most simple situations to the most extreme.

Do rich and poor girls make good partners?

The answer depends on the girl ad not her financial or family status. Rich girls can be grounded , having good values and maturity and can make good partners. Poor girls can be money minded, selfish, and negative. The opposite is true too.

Can a rich girl crush on a poor girl?

If you are in a shallow relationship, a poor girl can “dig” you well for money and a rich girl can “crush” you for her expectations.

Should you date a rich girl?

If you are going to date a rich girl, you should understand that wealth can affect her assessment of life and even the attitude towards you. Nevertheless, you should not change your attitude towards her because of money.

Why do rich women date poor men?

For many rich women looking for men, companionship is one of the most important reasons. Since these rich women dating poor men are already engrossed and devoted to their careers, having another rich spouse who is as devoted to the career as they are, or even more so, means that there would be practically no time to spend together.

Do you think being rich is more beneficial to males or females?

For example, being rich is something thats more beneficial to a male than a female. If youre a rich dude, you can provide for lots and lots of women, and, consequently, have lots and lots of babies and evolutionary success. However, if Im a woman, I can only have so many babies no matter how rich I am.

Should I date or marry a beautiful girl?

Just take your pick and be happy. If you cant only have eyes for her then please do her and yourself a favor and marry the beautiful one. The only thing that matters is how attractive you find her. Personally if the other person was very unattractive it would kill sexual desire for me. That said I also don’t need to date a super model to be happy.

Originally Answered: Do rich girls love poor boys? Yes. She may love a financially poor guy,if she really loves him……the financially poor guy will not remain poor by the time of marriage.She can make him change the situation if they both love each other. After all theres a saying.. Behind every successful man there is a women.

Why do these women never end up with a rich man?

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