Kitty pryde dating

kitty pryde dating

Does Kitty Pryde have a love interest?

Kitty Pryde has one of the more roller coaster shaped love lives of all the X-Men. The fact that Kitty is now the pirate queen of the Marauders makes some sense as she kind of actually has a love interest in every port of Marvel Comics.

Who has Kitty Pryde dated in X-Men?

2012: Kitty begins a short period of dating Bobby Drake, Iceman, a member of the original X-Men who had left the team (graduating from Xavier’s school) before Colossus joined it. 2013: Colossus and Domino, an older member of X-Force and veteran fighter, begin a relationship.

How did Kitty Pryde get her name?

Kitty Pryde was introduced into the X-Men title as the result of an editorial dictate that the book was supposed to depict a school for mutants. Uncanny X-Men artist John Byrne named Kitty Pryde after a classmate he met in art school, Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary in 1973.

Does Peter Parker date Kitty Pryde?

However, following Spider-Man’s death at the hands of the Ultimate Goblin (and his subsequent resurrection), Peter’s identity is now public knowledge in the Ultimate Universe. This means he could date Kitty without needing to hide.

Who are Kitty Prydes love interests?

Here is every love interest of Kitty Pryde, ranked. Pete Wisdom might be the most curious of Kitty Prydes love interests, given how different he is from the others. The agent of Black Air came into her life during the later stages of Excaliburs original run.

Is Star-Lord in love with Kitty Pryde?

Kitty Pryde is the love interest of Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy comics as well as a member of that team. Originally she was part of the X-Men and is more well known for her affiliation to that team.

Is Kitty Pryde a real person?

Byrne liked the name Kitty Pryde so much he promised the real Kitty Pryde he would name a character after her. The real Kitty Pryde participated in comic book conventions for many years, however she had her name legally changed in the 90s. While in the X-men, Kitty developed a relationship with her (older) team member, Colossus.

Did Rogue and Kitty Pryde ever get together?

They never explicitly got together but spend the whole series flirting with each other to the point a relationship upgrade was coming before the show was cancelled. Kitty appeared in the X-Men movie series played by Elliot Page. She had a relationship with Bobby Drake/Iceman after Rogue left him to pursue the mutant cure.

Is Peter Parker in a relationship with Kitty Pryde?

The Peter Parker and Kitty Pryde relationship only existed on the pages of Ultimate Marvel Comics. Kitty was a young teen member of the X-Men and Peter was a teenage superhero, still in high school. When Peter and Mary Jane broke up, he started dating Kitty.

Why can’t Spider-Man date Kitty Pryde?

When Spider-Man romance with Kitty Pryde became public, Peter couldn’t date Kitty as himself without exposing his secret identity. This limited their time together to superhero activities – unfortunate since they actually connected better as ordinary teenagers.

Are Kitty Pryde and Cypher from Ultimate Comics still together?

Despite his best efforts and unique mutant ability, Cypher could never quite speak Kittys language and the two never really took off as a couple. In an alternate reality of Ultimate Comics, Kitty Pryde went to Midtown High School alongside Peter Parker.

Are Kitty Pryde and Peter Quill still together?

But when the pair did actually work together, the two super-teams paved the way for a surprisingly potent romance, as Kitty Pryde and Peter Quill became a surprising, charming couple. While Star-Lord and Shadowcat had one of the most unexpected romances in the Marvel Universe, their adorable relationship didnt end up lasting very long.

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