Who is gage dating now

who is gage dating now

Are Gage and Jeff from Flipping Out still together?

First, Jeff spoke out on Monday’s episode of Jeff Lewis Live as the Flipping Out alum revealed that he and Gage had dinner on Friday night. Gage then confirmed the two of them have “started to heal” and noted that he is “optimistic” about his and Jeff’s future co-parenting relationship for their four-year-old daughter, Monroe Christine.

Does Gage Gage have a new boyfriend?

In an Instagram Live, Gage addressed his exs new man and his own love life, admitting that finding a significant other is not his priority right now. “I am single and I am not ready to mingle,” he said, according to People.

Is Gage Golightly dating anyone?

As of 2022, Gage Golightly is possibly single. Gage Golightly, is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Hayley Steele in the Nickelodeon series The Troop and for her role as Erica Reyes on the MTV series Teen Wolf. She had her first film role at age nine in the 2002 motion picture Speakeasy.

Are Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis still together?

An Explainer on Their Romance Finding out your ex has moved on is never fun, but Gage Edward seems to be handling it well. After splitting with his longtime partner, Jeff Lewis, after 10 years together, the Flipping Out alums are now battling a new custody agreement over their daughter, Monroe.

What happened to Gage Edward from Flipping Out?

During a recent episode of his Radio Andy podcast, Jeff Lewis Live, the Flipping Out cast member confirmed his former partner, Gage Edward, with whom he shares two-year-old daughter Monroe, quit his job at his interior design firm, Jeff Lewis Design. “My partner left me three months ago.

Are Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward still together?

Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward may be having a major rift in their romantic relationship, but the two Flipping Out stars are still partners in business. Sources close to the pair confirm to PEOPLE that they are “continuing to work together at Jeff Lewis Design, and have been the entire time.”

Did Jeff and Gage work together after their breakup?

When guest Heather McDonald told Jeff she questioned his decision to keep Gage employed at his firm after their breakup, Jeff admitted it was “not a healthy choice” to work with his ex.

What happened to Jeff Gage and Monroe Christine?

Amid their disputes, Gage demanded equal time with Monroe and requested her name be changed from Monroe Christine Lewis to Monroe Christine Edward Lewis. Months later, Gage claims he and Jeff have started the process of healing as they remain focused on their common goal of raising their daughter in happy homes.

Is Jeff Lewis dating Gage Edward again?

Jeff Lewis and his ex Gage Edward publicly split in 2019 after a decades long relationship. And on Wednesday, Jeff revealed on the SiriusXM show Radio Andy that the duo dated this year again. Home U.K. News Sports U.S. Showbiz Australia Femail Health Science Money Video Travel Shop DailyMailTV Headlines Golden Globes Oscars Grammys Billie Eilish

What happened to Jeff Lewis and Gage Edwards custody battle?

RELATED: Jeff Lewis & Gage Edward Have Settled Heated Custody Battle After 26 Months: Wonderful News Last month, Lewis announced on his SiriusXM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, that after more than two years of fighting over custody of Monroe, the two Flipping Out alums agreed to split custody and drop their lawsuits against each other.

What happened to Gage and Jeff Lewisrelationship onFlipping Out?

I dont want to be your friend, the Flipping Out alum recalled during a February 2019 episode of Jeff Lewis Live about telling Gage he needed space (via The Daily Dish ). I dont want to hang out with you. I dont want to pretend like were some happy family anymore and go to breakfast or frozen yogurt together.

What happened to Jeff and Gage from 90 Day Fiance?

The two split back in 2019 and have been embroiled in a nasty battle over custody ever since, with Lewis often taking swipes at Edward on his show, and Gage filing lawsuits against Jeff. Back in May, the former couple finally settled their custody dispute after a nasty, 26-month-long battle.

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