Hook up spotify to alexa

hook up spotify to alexa

Can you connect Spotify to Alexa?

By default, Alexa speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Echo Show will turn to Amazon Music to handle your entertainment requests, but you can connect Spotify to Alexa, and make it your default music service as well.

Should I set Spotify as my default music service on Alexa?

While its not necessary to set Spotify as your default, it will make voice commands easier if you want to use Spotify most often with Alexa. Currently, only Spotify Premium subscribers can play music with Alexa, free users cannot. Its also possible to link other music services with Alexa. Open the Alexa app.

How to connect Spotify to Amazon Echo?

When asked to select a default music service, click on Music & Podcasts in Settings, which will take you to Default Services. In the Music section, click Change, and choose Spotify as your option. 5. Choose Your Amazon Echo as Your Main Speaker

How do I get Alexa to play music?

Ask Alexa to play any artist, song, album or genre. If you havent set Spotify as your default music service, you will need to add on Spotify to the end of your commands. Alexa, play 60s music.

How do I connect Spotify to Amazon Alexa?

Next, open the Amazon Alexa app, then go to Music & Media under Settings, link your Spotify account (this requires logging with your Spotify credentials), and set it as your default service. Select More, Settings, then Music & Podcasts. Youll see the option to Link New Services. Select this and sign into Spotify.

Does Spotify work with Alexa?

Note, too, that third-party Alexa-powered speakers may well be Spotify-compatible too - and also work with Spotify Connect - so there are other options beyond the Echo. Alexa offers full control of playback and your music library, an Alexa EQ feature to fine-tune audio, with tons of commands for seamless control of your music.

How to set Spotify as default audio provider on Alexa?

Its great that Amazon has been open enough to let you use Spotify as your Echos default audio provider instead of its own service. To set things up, just fire up the Alexa app, go to Settings and scroll down to Music. Now click on Choose default music service and then make sure Spotify is checked.

How many Spotify accounts can you have on Alexa?

One potential downside to this is that you can still only use a maximum of one Spotify account per Alexa account. But, unfortunately, as far as we can figure out, this is the only way around it.

How to Play Spotify Music on Amazon Echo? Spotify streaming services subscribers are allowed to connect Spotify account to the Amazon Echo devices and tell Alexa to play anything on Spotify. And the new users also receive a one-month free trial which enables users to access the music service fully and test the Amazon Echo devices.

How do I connect Spotify to Amazon Alexa?

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