Who is evan peters dating now

who is evan peters dating now

Is Evan Peters in a relationship?

Evan Peters is a Phoenix Film Festival Award-winning American Actor. He was born on January 27, 1987 in St. Louis, Missouri, the United States to Phil Peters and Julie Peters. Since 2012, Evan Peters has been dating Emma Roberts, Julia Roberts’ niece. They met while working on Adult World together.

Is Evan Peters dating Halsey?

Grab the relationship details of American actor Evan Peters and her relationship with singer Halsey. The American actor Evan Peters ‘ dating life has recently been searched over the internet. The handsome star has been famous for his popular relationship with singer Ashley Nicolette Frangipane aka Halsey.

Did Evan Peters date Alexia Quinn?

Evan Peters briefly dated actress Alexia Quinn. In 2011, Evan and Alexia met while working on the play Living at Home and shortly after started dating. In January 2012, Alexia was right by his side as he celebrated his birthday at a Las Vegas nightclub. However, the pair split not too long after when Evan started filming Adult Word.

How did Emma Roberts and Evan Peters meet?

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters met on the set of the film Adult World in 2012, and started dating in early 2013. The couple’s relationship hit the headlines in July 2013 after Emma was arrested for injuring Evan. The assault followed a heated argument the couple had while staying in a hotel in Canada.

Is Evan Peters dating anyone?

Evan Peters is currently single. Evan Peters is reportedly single after breaking up with singer Halsey. There are no reports regarding who he might be dating, and his inactivity on social media fuels speculation that he is single. Peters and Halsey confirmed that they were dating in mid-2019.

Are Evan Peters and Emma Roberts still together?

Meanwhile, Peters and his American Horror Story co-star Emma Roberts dated for seven years on and off starting in 2012 — their time together included a broken engagement. There were also some serious allegations against Roberts, who was arrested for a domestic violence incident in July 2013.

Is Evan Peters engaged to Halsey?

Evan Peters was Engaged with ex-Fiancée Emma Roberts For Two Years. Before his relationship with Halsey, Evan was engaged to ex-fiancée Emma Roberts for two years before they called off their engagement in early 2019. Emma and Evann first met each other on the set of the film Adult World in 2012 and started dating in early 2013.

Are Evan Peters and Alexia Quinn still together?

In 2015, the couple called off their engagement and then got back together just three short months later. Then nine months later, they called it quits yet again. Before the relationship came to an end in March 2019, the pair tried to make it work once more. Evan Peters briefly dated actress Alexia Quinn.

How did Emma Roberts and Evan Peters meet on HS?

While Peters was there since Season 1, Roberts made her AHS debut in AHS: Coven. According to Nylon s interview with the starlet, the young couple met at a dinner party, shot a film together, and then embarked on a seven-year-long relationship that became known for its fluctuating status and toxicity.

How did Demi Peters and Julia Roberts meet?

Peters and Roberts, 28, met on the set of the comedy-drama film Adult World in 2012 and went on to costar in numerous seasons of American Horror Story. In 2013, the Scream Queens alum was arrested on domestic violence charges following a fight that left Peters with a bloody nose.

Why is Emma Roberts always in the press?

But there was a time when she was in the press for a very different reason. In 2013, Emma Roberts was arrested for a domestic violence incident after she and her boyfriend at the time, actor Evan Peters , got into an argument. According to TMZ, the incident occurred when Peters and Roberts were in Montreal, Canada.

What happened to Evan Peters and Julia Roberts?

Although Evan Peters hasnt admitted to any issues, Roberts has had her own past hiccups with her temper, both professionally and in her personal life. Per the Daily Mail, back in 2013, the actress allegedly tried using her star power to cut the line of a popular New York bakery — only to get sent all the way back again.

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