Anastasia karanikolaou dating zane

anastasia karanikolaou dating zane

How old is Anastasia Karanikolaou?

Currently, she is one of the most popular Instagrammers, YouTubers, and models in the entertainment industry. Born on 09 June 1997, Anastasia Karanikolaou’s age is 23 years as of 2021. She was brought up and raised in an upper-middle-class Christian family from Los Angeles, California, United States.

Who is Anastasia Hijazi boyfriend after Sam?

After Sam, Anastasia was in a romantic relationship with boyfriend Zane Hijazi, a social media personality. Zane was time and again rumored to be linked with Gabbie Hanna and Natalie, but after he posted the kissing picture, all the rumors vanished into thin air.

Is Anastasia Karanikolaou friends with Kylie Jenner?

As Anastasia Karanikolaou has a deep friendship with the famous Kylie Jenner, she came to the sight of the public through Kylie’s Instagram post. Kylie had even opened up their friendship goal in one of the interviews. “You’ve been the most consistent and loyal friend in my life.

Who are stassiebaby’s parents Periklis and Nicolette Karanikolaou?

Periklis Nikolaos Karanikolaou and Nicolette Karanikolaou were the parents of Stassiebaby. They were strong in every way; in any case, her parents are no longer together, and her father is married to another young lady who is assumed to be Nicolette.

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