Ecobee4 hookup

ecobee4 hookup

How do I use the ecobee app?

Use the ecobee app for a convenient way of accessing your device from anywhere a convenient way. Download the ecobee app to your mobile device and register your thermostat to an ecobee account from Apple store or Google Play Store You can register ecobee using the mobile app or web portal; however, you have to register your ecobee first.

Do I need A C-wire to power my ecobee?

If you have a C-wire, it will power your ecobee. You wont need the PEK included in the box. If you have an extra wire that isn’t connected to any terminal on your thermostat, you can use it as a C-wire.

How secure is ecobee?

The security model of the thermostat is one in which the device itself always initiates connections to ecobee’s servers—no incoming connections from the internet are permitted to the device. ecobee products and services use an SSL connection to ensure the highest level of security.

How do I connect my ecobee to my thermostat?

The ecobee requires a C wire which connects to the thermostat C terminal to power it on. Its absence can be the cause of your thermostat not powering on. Alternatively, if you lack a C wire, use spare wires from your thermostat bundles (R, G, Y). Connect the C terminal on your HVAC control board first before using it as your C.

How do I add ecobee to my Android widget?

Step 1: From your home screen, swipe to the left to open the app widget screen and scroll to the bottom to find Edit. Step 2: Select Edit and find ecobee on the list of apps you can add to your widget screen. Tap on the + icon next to the ecobee option to add this widget and hit on Done to complete the process.

How do I set up my ecobee camera?

To start the setup process, open the ecobee app, and tap the green “+” symbol in the top right of the screen. The next screen will ask what product you are adding to your home. Tap “Camera.” You will then be asked to ensure your camera is ready to connect.

How do I delete a home on the ecobee app?

You can easily delete a home on the ecobee app by going to Manage Homes, select the home you would like to delete and tap on Delete home. If the home you are deleting still has devices under it, the app will ask you to move these devices to an existing home.

How do I get remote access to my ecobee?

To get full remote access to your ecobee using the mobile app or web portal, youll have to register your ecobee first. Heres how you can register. Then, log into the app using your ecobee user ID (the email address you used to register your thermostat) and password.

How do I Register my ecobee thermostat?

To register your ecobee thermostat, you’ll need to obtain the 4-digit registration code from your ecobee thermostat’s screen. 1. Tap the three horizontal bars on the bottom left corner of the ecobee screen to open the Main Menu. 2. Tap Registration.

How do I connect my smart thermostat to the equipment interface?

Step 1: Install the Equipment Interface. Step 2: Wire the Equipment Interface. Step 3: Install the Smart Thermostat. Step 4: Connect the Smart Thermostat to the Equipment Interface. Step 5: Power up both devices.

Can I connect my ecobee SmartSensor to Alexa or HomeKit?

Since HomeKit (Siri) and Alexa require a stable Wi-Fi connection (as do all other apps such as IFTTT, Wink, SmartThings), you will not be able to utilize any of these features. To pair an ecobee SmartSensor to a thermostat, you will need to have the thermostat and your ecobee app on the same Wi-Fi connection.

How do I navigate the ecobee smart?

The ecobee SMART uses touch screen technology that makes navigation easy. Lightly tap the icons, buttons, and lists or drag your finger across the screen to move a slider or scroll through a list. In the various screens on the thermostat, you have three ways to navigate:

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