R5 dating

r5 dating

Are R5s Rydel and Ellington still together?

R5 confirmed Rydel and Ellington are in a relationship during their one night documentary, R5: All Day, All Night, 4/16/15. As of late 2018, they have broken up.

Did R5 kiss on New Years Eve?

Rydel and Ellington are the only members of R5 who went to visit Ellingtons family before Christmas. It is rumored that they have kissed backstage of a show for New Years Eve. They have covered Neon Trees song Sleeping With A Friend at a recent show.

Are Rydel Lynch and Ellington Ratliff dating?

Rydel-Ellington Relationship is the pairing of Ellington Ratliff and Rydel Lynch. Their relationship was also known as Rydellington. They were previously dating. Rydel and Ratliff were boyfriend and girlfriend as well as close friends. Theyre comfortable around each other and always seem to joke around and have fun.

What is rydellington?

Rydel and Ratliff both from a famous band of 5 called R5. The band includes the Lynches and Ellington Ratliff who has been a close family friend for 5 years. Fans have been speculating that Rydel and Ellington might me a little more than friends, leading to the shipping name Rydellington.

Who are the members of R5?

R5 (band) R5 in Glasgow, Scotland, in October 2015. Left to right: Ross Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Riker Lynch, Ellington Ratliff and Rydel Lynch.

Are Ross and Rocky Lynch from R5 brothers?

Only Ross and Rocky are in The Driver Era. R5 is made up of brothers Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch, and their sister Rydel Lynch, all born and raised in Littleton, Colorado, and their family friend Ellington Ratliff, whom they met at a California dance studio called the Rage. About a year after meeting, they asked Ratliff to join the band.

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