Dating antique coke bottles

dating antique coke bottles

How to date Coke bottles?

It is easy to date Coke bottles that are made by the Root Glass company. The word “ROOT” will be present on those bottles. The “ROOT” base mark can be seen in original Coke glass bottles. Root bottles carry model numbers. Also, Root Coke bottles will have heel numbers. “Co”, O will be in lower-case letters.

Are old Coca-Cola bottles worth anything?

In 2000, the Coca-Cola Company reintroduced embossed Coke bottles with city names on the bottom. Only 24 cities were featured on the special 8-ounce glass contour bottles. These are the less valuable of the old Coke bottles and worth just to a few bucks each – but still worth collecting. 4. Coca-Cola Contour Bottles

How can you tell what year a coke is made?

When located on the heels of early contour Coke bottles, these tiny date marks will often be embossed together with letters identifying the name of the glass company that made the bottle.

When was the first coke bottle made?

The “Easiest” Coke bottles The easiest Coke bottles to attribute and date are those made by the Root Glass Company. Root began operations in November, 1901 – but its earliest Coke bottles come along much later, in 1905. There are several lines of evidence that support this date.

When was the first Coca-Cola bottle made?

The first bottle was designed in 1915 by the Root Glass Company. The bottle designer, Earl R. Dean and his team decided to base the bottle design on the sodas two ingredients, the coca leaf or the kola nut. Dean couldnt find any photographs of either, but became inspired by the cocoa pod, and transformed the shape of the pod into a bottle:

When did they start putting Coca Cola in cans?

It was not until 1960 that Coca-Cola in 12-ounce cans was introduced to the U.S. public. Early can graphics included a picture of the contour bottle so people would know the same Coca-Cola they found inside a bottle was inside the can.

What was the original shape of the coke bottle?

By the 50s, the shape of the Coke bottle evolved into the one we know today. Its called the Contour Bottle. Professional boxer Max Schmeling in 1957. The Coke Contour Bottle appeared on the cover of TIME magazine in 1950, becoming the first product to do so, and thus establishing the brands dominance.

When was the first contour Coke bottle made?

The 1915 Coke Bottle: A prototype of the first contour bottle developed by Root Glass Company in 1915. The prototype never made it to production since its middle diameter was larger than its base, making it unstable on conveyor belts. See the evolution of the contour bottle from 1916 to today, after the jump.

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