Speed dating revolution wilmslow

speed dating revolution wilmslow

How does Fastlove speed dating work?

Come to a Fastlove Speed Dating event and youll be talking to and meeting up to 25 dates in one event, each lasting at least three minutes. Three minutes might not seem like much but youd be surprised how easy it is to see if theres any chemistry with each person you meet.

Where are the best speed dating events in the north?

Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Chester, Didsbury, Harrogate, Lark Lane, Nantwich,Sheffield, Stockton Heath, Wilmslow, York. Fastlove is the Norths leader in speed dating events for single people and have been running events for over 15 years; our events come well recommended and are highly successful at creating new relationships.

How do I Reserve a ticket for a speed dating event?

* If any ticket type on any event is sold out and you would like to be put on a reserve list, click the Reserve List link under the Book Now button - alternatively please call 08456 442083 First time Speed Dating? What to Expect at a Fastlove Speed Dating Event.

What is Fastlove?

Fastlove is the Norths leader in speed dating events for single professionals. Fastlove have been running events for over 10 years; our events are highly successful and well recommended.

Is “speed dating at work” right for your organization?

The work world can be a challenging place, but it’s less so when our teams act as one. If you need a fast way to start the process of connecting people in your organization, then “Speed Dating at Work” is the ticket. We’ve seen it work again and again and even use it at conferences and workshops because of its effectiveness.

What are the pros and cons of speed dating?

1 No Pressure Okay, so you interacted with a bunch of people. Somehow, you don’t feel the connection with anyone in the entire group. ... 2 Save Time And Money Speed dating is a great way to save some time and money. ... 3 No Embarrassing Moments

The rules are up to you, but speed dating events commonly use a few rules to make everyone feel more comfortable: Don’t exchange last names Don’t exchange contact information Don’t linger. When the date is over, it’s over! Bored with your date? Be respectful, it’s only 5 minutes!

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