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Navigation Pokedex Items Recipes SideMods Installation Versions This wiki is populated by the community, if there are any typos, issues or incorrect information, please let us know on. この過酷な試練を乗り越えてオーブにエネルギーを貯め尽くした勇者のみがフリーザーに挑戦、および捕獲が可能となる。 hocon Setting in-game Description Default value level Starter level The initial level that Trainers' will be at. false breedingEnvironmentCheckSeconds Seconds between environment checks Seconds between running the environment check for breeders, requires useBreedingEnvironment to be enabled 500 breedingTicks Ticks per stage Number of world ticks needed to increase the stage. true renderDistanceWeight Render distance weight A number that is multiplied to the default render distance 64 to produce a final render distance. 90 afkHandlerTurnSeconds AFK turn seconds The time in seconds before the auto-battle handler picks a move automatically each turn. true spawnersOpOnly Spawners op only Whether or not players have to be ops to edit. Activates after the specified time period and gives specified time for each turn after that. true spawnBirdShrines Spawn bird shrines Whether or not can spawn naturally. たった一匹のために犠牲になった375匹のポケモン達?知らんなあ 一家に一匹、フリーザーをどうぞ。


true allowPlanting Allow Apricorn planting Whether or not can be planted by players. Value Name Description 1 Random The Trainer will use moves randomly. true allowPayDayMoney Allow Pay Day money Whether or not will award to the player. hocon Setting in-game Description Default value spawnGrotto Spawn Hidden Grottos Whether or not spawn naturally. hocon Setting in-game Description Default value allowBreeding Allow breeding Allows the placement of , which are required for breeding Pokemon. Contents• They will NOT generate updated info on their own. This tries to spawn at locations the player is about to be. 8 minimumDistanceFromCentre Min Distance from Centre The minimum distance from the player that entities may spawn. ポケモンを倒して、そのエネルギーをオーブに貯める必要があるのだが、その量が凄まじく、ポケモンに換算すると、 375匹の経験値が必要( 全てのポケモン共通。


20 replaceMCVillagers Replace Minecraft villagers Whether to replace Minecraft's with in. If disabled, the camera will remain the same as if the player was not in a battle. Do NOT touch if you aren't sure what you're doing. true systemTimeSyncInterval Seconds between time syncs How often Minecraft time will sync to real time in seconds if real time syncing is enabled. This setting is only useful if the server has a Pixelmon sidemod that uses PlayerBattleEndedAbnormalEvent. First Come, First Served FCFS -Chest disappears once looted by a player. On a server, this will prevent nicknames from being visible to other players. 2 verticalSliceRadius Vertical Slice Radius The vertical radius of the areas randomly selected near the player to do spawning in. All Pixelmon Reforged Recipes — Machines, Items, Pokeballs, Lures and Decorations recipes list. default spawnsPerPass Spawns per Pass The maximum number of spawns in a single spawn cycle for a single player. Welcome to the Pixelmon Generations Wiki Pixelmon Generations is all about being dedicated to releasing new updates frequently with new features and bug fixes. Players will still have to acquired a new charged orb each time to use the shrine. が、氷のオーブの調達がかなり面倒である。 For servers with higher player counts, we recommend changing this setting to 2. 15 enableAFKHandler AFK handler enabled Have auto-battle take over if the player is AFK during a battle. NOTICE: When we edit moves between versions, you will have to apply changes manually. 24 horizontalTrackFactor Horizontal Track Factor How many ticks 'lead' the player tracking spawner will give players based on their motion. Lower for better performance but less reliable spawning. If disabled, traders will disappear after completing their trade offers. For servers with higher player counts, we recommend changing this setting to 4. true reusableBirdShrines Allow bird shrine reuse Whether or not can be used multiple times. , too many errors in battle, player death while in battle. 2: The battle is considered to have ended abnormally. true allowPvPExperience Enable PvP exp. 6 cloningMachineEnabled Enable cloning machine Whether or not can be crafted and used. hocon Setting in-game Description Default value allowAnvilAutoreloading Enable anvil auto-reloading Anvil auto-reloading is when players can continue to an item on an and the item will automatically be taken and replaced with its unfinished version when finished e. true spawnStructures Spawn Pixelmon structures in world Whether or not Pixelmon structures can spawn naturally. Can be between 0 and 1, where 1 is the default mounting speed. true allowTMReuse Allow TM reuse If enabled, can be used an infinite amount of times without breaking. 64 minimumDistanceBetweenSpawns Min Distance between Spawns The minimum number of blocks between a spawned entity and an existing living entity. Larger than horizontal to better match player behavior. Currently packed with hundreds of new Pokemon, plus numerous remodeled Pokemon. 何故ならまずオーブを手に入れる必要があるのだが、このオーブを落とすのが強力なボスポケモン、それも伝説級の個体しか落とさない。

Included, We welcome all servers to run on Pixelmon Generations; the mod is maintained strictly for fun. Other monster spawners including ones that spawn hostile mobs like , , or will not be affected, nor will. 伝説や幻などでも、1匹分である。 The also spawns naturally regardless of this setting. hocon Setting in-game Description Default value afkActivateSeconds AFK activate seconds The time in seconds before a player in a battle is declared to be AFK and the auto-battle code takes over for them. hocon Setting in-game Description Default value allowDestructiveExternalMoves Allow destructive external moves Whether or not players are allowed to use the following :• player battles will be restored when the battle ends. true starterOnJoin Starter list on join Whether or not players will pick their immediately upon entering a world. 5 stepsPerEggCycle Steps per Egg cycle are used to determine how many steps it takes for to hatch. If both sums are the same, the battle is considered a draw. If this option is disabled, any player in Creative mode can edit spawners. Timed Loot TIMED -Chest doesn't disappear, each individual player can loot the chest periodically cooldown duration can also be set in config, defaults at once per day. 逆に言えば、そこらの低Lv個体でも良い。


true computerBoxes Amount of PC boxes The number of boxes a player has access to in the , up to a maximum of 256. false alwaysHaveMegaRing Always have Mega ring Whether or not players will automatically have a Mega ring. , an being obtained and replaced with an from the player's inventory , allowing players to continuously hammer stacks of items to completion. 倒してしまうと全ての苦労がほぼ水の泡になる。 true allowEventMoveTutors Allow event move tutors to spawn Allows move tutors that teach event moves to spawn naturally. 45 horizontalSliceRadius Horizontal Slice Radius The horizontal radius of the areas randomly selected near the player to do spawning in. This does not remove existing or prevent natural Apricorn tree generation. true allowRanchExpansion Enable ranch expansion Allow the expansions. NOTICE: When we edit Pokemon between versions, you will have to apply changes manually. containing , , or will be converted into monsters spawners that spawn if this setting is disabled. 2 Aggressive battleAITrainer NPC Trainer battle AI The type of battle AI that naturally spawning will use. 3 Tactical The Trainer will know how to use status moves alongside offensive moves. For servers with higher player counts, we recommend changing this setting to 3. Use a JSON parser like when editing each Pokemon, as a syntax error can have nasty consequences. true allowExternalMoves Allow external moves Whether or not players are able to use. This setting does not affect. true berryTreeGrowthMultiplier Berry tree growth multiplier Multiplier for the growth rate of. false spawnPokeMarts Spawn shopkeepers Whether can spawn in. 60 spawnSetFolder Spawn Set Folder Which folder to use under. false Better Spawning Setting. false displayLegendaryGlobalMessage Display Legendary global message Whether or not a message will display when a spawns. If disabled, shrines that already exist can still be used. 255 useBreedingEnvironment Use breeding environments Whether or not the environment around a affects the speed of the process. The drops GUI will always display when defeating or , regardless of this setting. Permanent, Limit 1 Drop PL1D -Chest doesn't disappear, but each individual player can only loot it once. Decrease for better performance. true allowVanillaMobs Enable vanilla mobs Whether or not regular Minecraft mobs like and zombies can spawn naturally. Permanent, Unlimited Drops PUD -Chest doesn't disappear, can be looted infinitely by players. Settings AFK handler The AFK handler is a system that automatically takes control of battling players that have not responded for an amount of time. 60 maxNumBosses Max bosses Max number of bosses at one time.。 100 maximumPlants Maximum plants The maximum number of that can be planted in a world chunk. 16 verticalTrackFactor Vertical Track Factor How many ticks 'lead' the player tracking spawner will give players based on their vertical motion. true allowTrainerExperience Enable Trainer exp. 0 lakeTrioMaxEnchants Lake trio max ruby enchants Sets The number of times a Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie can enchant a ruby. Land mounts are unaffected by this setting. If disabled, errors will be much shorter and less detailed. Once the AFK handler takes over, the unresponsive player may resume control at any time. true useOriginalPokemonTexturesForStatues Statues use original textures Use the original Pokemon textures for statues. For a server with an average player count of 40 or less, it's recommended to leave this as default. Item Crafting Recipe Ingredients MACHINES Healer Aluminium Plate Iron Ingot Diamond PC Aluminium Plate Glass Pane Redstone Lamp Redstone Itemfinder Diamond Gold Ingot Redstone Aluminium Plate Glass Pane Ranch Block Flower Pot PC Piston Mechanical Anvil Iron Bars Sticky Piston Furnace Anvil Iron Ingot Fossil Machine Fossil Machine Top Fossil Machine Tank Fossil Machine Base Fossil Machine Display Fossil Machine Top Aluminium Plate Redstone Fossil Machine Tank Glass Pane Water Bucket Fossil Machine Display Redstone Obsidian Fossil Machine Base Aluminium Plate Trade Machine Trade Monitor Trade Holder Left Trade Panel Trade Holder Right Trade Monitor Aluminium Plate Glass Pane Trade Holder Left Poke Ball Aluminium Plate Trade Panel Aluminium Plate Redstone Trade Holder Right Poke Ball Aluminium Plate Fossil Cleaner Aluminium Plate Redstone Glass Pane Cloning Machine Green Tank Cloner Cord Orange Tank Green Tank Aluminium Plate Emerald Fossil Machine Obsidian Cloner Cord Obsidian Redstone Orange Tank Aluminium Plate Gold Ingot Fossil Machine Obsidian Mack Bike Handles Mach Bike Frame Wheel Handless Leather Iron Ingot Stick Mach Bike Frame Alumium Ingot Thunder Stone Wheel Silicon Iron Ingot Acro Bike Handles Acro Bike Frame Wheel Acro Bike Frame Alumium Ingot Dawn Stone Elevator Iron Ingor Redstone Movement Plate Lime Dye Redstone Redstone Lamp Aluminium Plate Stick Plate Soul Sand Lapis Lazuli Redstone Redstone Lamp Aluminium Plate Timed Fall Pokesand Ender Pearl New recipe 8. 1: Default closest• Typically best as zero due to the interference jumping can cause. false starterList Starter list The choices that players will have for their. true printErrors Print more detailed errors If this option is enabled, any Pixelmon-related errors on a server will be printed to the server log in detail. 2 Aggressive The Trainer will use the move that deals the most damage to the opponent, avoiding status moves. false lowResTextures Potato mode Use the low resolution textures for Pokemon and Poke Balls. This can be between levels 5 and 100. 100 maximumDistanceFromCentre Max Distance from Centre The maximum distance from the player that entities may spawn. 0 spawnGyms Spawn Gyms Whether can spawn naturally. false playerControlCamera Player-controlled battle camera Whether or not the camera can be manually moved by the player during battles. true bossSpawnTicks Boss spawn ticks How often on average a will attempt to spawn. We hope this wiki brings you good use. そのオーブと水の石をクラフトすることで、水のオーブ が手に入る。


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