Dating a hairdresser

dating a hairdresser

How do you talk to a new hair stylist?

Reaching out first helps quell rumors and awkwardness around their work environment. Honesty, again, is the best policy. But another good bit of advice is “Say what you mean, but don’t say it mean.” If you’re seeing a new stylist in the same salon as your last, do NOT trash-talk your previous stylist.

Should you see a full-time hair stylist if a hairstylist recommends another?

If a hairstylist recommends someone else to you, you should not feel bad about seeing the new stylist full-time if you like that work more. This person came recommended, after all! Check out some hair products that Mark swears by. This story was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

What to do if your stylist is dating a co-worker?

Call or text your old stylist and let him gently know that you’ll be seeing his co-worker from now on. Reaching out first helps quell rumors and awkwardness around their work environment. Honesty, again, is the best policy.

Who is ask a hairstylist?

It’s time for another installment of our Ask a Hairstylist series, featuring celebrity hairstylist and Dove ambassador Mark Townsend! Townsend shapes and snips the hair of Hollywood’s A-list (think Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth Olsen; Dakota Johnson; and more) and will be answering all your pressing hair questions.

How do you communicate with a hairstylist during an appointment?

Communicating During the Appointment Come dressed in your everyday style. Be upfront about how much time you have for a daily styling routine. Show, don’t tell. Use stylist talk. Confirm the style before your stylist starts cutting. Don’t freak out if your stylist isn’t chatty. Keep your eyes on the scissors.

How do I talk to my hair stylist about length?

Be specific when you talk to your stylist about length. Use your hands to mark the length on your hair youre looking for. Avoid vague instructions like “I just want to cut the ends” or “A couple of inches off, please.” The more specific you are about the look you want, the more likely the stylist can achieve that look.

Can a stylist tell you what style your hair is?

Heres the deal, barbers and stylists are specifically trained to know what style will work with your hair type and face shape. If youre stuck in a rut or dont know what will look best, ask for suggestions — and go with what your barber or stylist tells you to do.

Is it bad to talk to your hairdresser during a haircut?

Hair styling is a craft like any other. It can be distracting for the stylist if she is trying to keep a conversation going with you while also trying to give you a great cut. Its fine to make small talk and be friendly, but its important to also let your stylist relax and give into a groove.

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