Elena and stefan dating in real life

elena and stefan dating in real life

Are Elena and Stefan in love in real life?

Bob Levy was shocked by how much chemistry Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev have. Julie Plec has stated, Bottom line is Stefan and Elena are the true epic love story of the show. Damon is the third point of the triangle. Kevin Williamson said that Stefan and Elena are soulmates.

Does Stefan end up with Elena in Vampire Diaries?

At the end of the season, Elena reveals that her feelings for Damon are real and she chooses to be with him, leaving Stefan heartbroken. A lot of characters admired Elena and Stefans romantic relationship including: Caroline, Rebekah, Klaus, and Lexi. Caroline often mentioned throughout the show that Stefan is Elenas epic soulmate.

What does Elena say to Stefan at the wedding?

She tells Stefan that shes certain that Damon hasnt thought the whole idea through. Elena and Stefan at the wedding. After trying to convince Damon to reconsider his life as a human, Stefan goes to attend Jo and Alarics wedding. Elena catches sight of Stefan and comments on how good he looks in a tuxedo.

Why did Elena and Stefan double date?

Wanting her life to be normal without any vampires except Stefan and wanting to just have fun, she and Stefan accepted Carolines invitation of a double date with herself and. At the Mystic Grill, Elena and Matt reminisced about their childhood memories, much to Stefans amusement and Carolines disappointment.

What is the relationship between Elena and Stefan?

I loved her more than I ever thought I could love somebody else. This is the complex, significant, yet notable relationship between the cured vampire / doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert and the cured vampire/doppelgänger, Stefan Salvatore . Stefan and Elena were the original and main couple of the series.

What are your favorite Elena/Stefan quotes?

Elena: Good. I want him gone, Stefan. I know that I shouldnt feel that way but I dont want someone like that in my life. Or Jeremys life. Elena: (to Damon) I love Stefan! Its always gonna be Stefan! Elena: Were going to be boring high school students who live in a world where the v word is not uttered. Stefan: Got it!

What happened to Elena on the Vampire Diaries?

After her conversation with Stefan, Elena got angry and told Stefan that he doesnt have to love her like this (as a vampire), and thats shes changed and he needs to let go. She tells him that the Elena he loves died on the bridge. At the end of the episode, Caroline and Stefan discover that Elena is sired to Damon.

What do you say to Elena when Stefan is dying?

I just wanna know if hes alive. Thats it! Thats my wish. Elena: Stefan, if this is you, youll be okay. I love you, Stefan. Hold on to that. Never let that go. Elena: You gave up on him [Stefan] Damon. Damon: I didnt give up on him, Elena.

Are Stefan and Elena from the Vampire Diaries still together?

The pair quickly bonded and, despite a few bumps in the road, Elena and Stefan formed a romantic relationship. Throughout The Vampire Diaries seasons 1 and 2, Elena and Stefan served as the shows central couple. Though Damon increasingly developed feelings for Elena across those same episodes, he either kept the extent of them buried.

How many times did Stefan and Elena break up?

Damon... Surprisingly, Stefan and Elena only broke up four times (basically every season they dated). However, many other incidents in the show also suggested why the pair werent perfect for each other. Would you like some examples?

What gift does Stefan give Elena for their double date?

Stefan gives Elena flowers for their double date. Wanting her life to be normal without any vampires except Stefan and wanting to just have fun, she and Stefan accepted Carolines invitation of a double date with herself and.

How does Elena end up with Klaus?

However, Elena ends up running into Klaus, who brings her to the cafeteria where Stefan is. Klaus tells Stefan that he is fascinated; the only thing stronger than Stefan’s craving for human blood is his love for Elena.

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