Girl im dating never initiates

girl im dating never initiates

Is it possible to date someone who never initiates contact?

yes, but that only accounts for some of the time. If it is EVERY time, you need to talk to the person like you suggested. However, I would suggest that regardless of their answer, a person who dates someone for more than a few dates, and never initiates contact in any way, more than likely has an issue that makes them less desirable.

What does it mean when a girl never initiates text messages?

If she never initiates text but always responds to you, that just means you’re chasing her. Pursuing is when you initially approach her, text her, get the date, and so on. But pursuing means it’s reciprocal. Once you meet this woman, let alone start seeing her / dating her, there should be a mutual flow of energy.

What are some signs that a girl is not interested in contact?

She never initiates contact. She never sends a “thank you” text after our date, and she never texts me first at all, but she is good at getting back to me if I am the one to contact her. She never calls first but always returns my calls.

Should a girl text you first when dating?

A girl you’re seriously dating should definitely text you first eventually. A girl you’re seeing dating should give you a text soon as well. It might take her longer, but if you’re having a good time when you’re together, she’ll hit your phone up one of these days. The girl that will take the longest is the girl you haven’t really dated yet.

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