Chinese phrases for dating

chinese phrases for dating

How do you say dating in Mandarin?

Pinyin: jiàgěi wǒ ba, hǎo ma? Hear and learn Chinese phrases about Dating with standard Mandarin pronunciation. Find many good Mandarin phrases in the group Dating and have a quick overview of their literal meaning.

How do you say go on a date in Chinese?

Here are some useful vocabulary words for going on a date, telling someone you like them, and maybe fancying a little bit more… 表白 (biǎo bái) / 告白 (gào bái) to express feelings 专一 (zhuān yī) one-track mind (focused on one thing)

How important is dating in Chinese culture?

Since there’s lots of pressure to get married from parents and family members, dating is an important part of Chinese culture. For many young Chinese people, the ‘M’ word is already on their minds when going on a date.

What is the Chinese word for Love?

Language of Love. 来电 (lái diàn) Chemistry. 打情骂俏 (dǎ qíng mà qiào) to flirt. 暗恋 (àn liàn) To have a crush on. 明恋 (míng liàn) to love. 痴迷 (chī mí) Infatuated / obsessed. 痴情 (chī qíng) infatuated. 表白 (biǎo bái) / 告白 (gào bái) to express feelings.

How do you say dating in Chinese?

Instead, use the word 感情 (gǎn qíng) . The characters in 谈恋爱 (tán liàn ài), are actually pretty interesting. The character 谈 (tán) usually indicates talking with someone or about something. Its like the word for dating in Chinese has something to do with talking love.

How to say month in Mandarin Chinese?

Month in Mandarin is 月 Yuè. Saying the twelve Chinese Months is very easy. Place the Chinese number 1 to 12 first, followed by the word Chinese month 月 Yuè. How to Say Day in Chinese? There are two ways to say Day in Chinese – 号 Hào and 日 Rì. Both refer to the day of the month.

How to say the year in Mandarin from 2000?

To say the date in Chinese: Year, Month, Day | 年 Nián, 月 Yuè, 日 Rì, be familiar with 1-31 numbers. Say the year in Mandarin from 2000 correctly. Wednesday, 30 June 2021

How to say day in Chinese?

How to Say Day in Chinese? There are two ways to say Day in Chinese – 号 Hào and 日 Rì. Both refer to the day of the month. Usually, we use 号 Hào when we talk about the Day in Mandarin and 日 R when we write the Day in Chinese. You can use either to replace each other in speaking and writing the Day in Chinese.

How do you Say Love in Chinese?

How to say love in Chinese. love. Chinese Translation. #N#爱. Ài. More Chinese words for love. 爱 verb. #N#. Ài affection, like, cherish, passion, treasure, attachment, be in love with, delight.

What is the word for love between two people in Chinese?

When this word use between two people, it is as same as 爱. 宠 is similar. In the ancient time and in some poems, 怜”(lian) and 惜 (xi), are equal to love. And the word 喜欢 which represent like is weaker than love as same as in English.

What is true love in Chinese traditional culture?

In Chinese traditional culture, true love requires no money, status, appearance, but only a connection between the two lovers. Although we also highlight “same status”, there are lots of romantic love stories that beyond such restriction. 愛。 This is my favorite character in Chinese, let me show you my understanding to it.

What does 爱 (AI) mean in Chinese?

爱 ( ài) can mean “love” for your family member, too. But telling each other “I love you” in a Chinese family isn’t very common, and I’ll elaborate on this later. Identifying the Chinese word for love is easy, but 爱 ( ài, “love”) is sometimes seen as overly sentimental among Chinese people.

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