Dating someone from a rich family

dating someone from a rich family

Did you ever meet a girl from a wealthy family?

I never met a girl from a wealthy family to date. I dated lots of girls from poor and middle class families. I married a girl from a large family that didn’t have much money at all. They were secure because her father was in the military, mechanically inclined, had learned to stretch a dollar, and repair everything himself.

What is it like to be a girl from a rich family?

A girl from a rich family is similar to a girl from a poor, lonely background in that they are problematic. They don’t seem to understand much, at all. They seem to want to party. They remind me of Hollywood women.

Is it better to date a rich or poor girl?

Talking in terms of girls, whether poor or rich girl doesn’t make any difference as long as you are very close and understanding to each other. If you are in a shallow relationship, a poor girl can “dig” you well for money and a rich girl can “crush” you for her expectations.

How to get a rich husband?

If you want a rich husband, you have to realize that you will never be the #1 priority in their life. Work will always come above you. Money will be above that. So you’ll have to settle on being #3 at best.

What kind of Woman do rich men like to marry?

The woman is very organized. A lot of very wealthy men like to marry a woman who is organized, can juggle a lot of things at once and can tend to the household. This might sound caveman-like, but many successful men tell me that they ultimately want to marry a woman who can can take care of the house and the family matters effortlessly.

How does a very wealthy man decide to have kids?

He decides he is ready to start having kids pronto. A lot of very wealthy men like freedom when they are dating, but they still have old-fashioned values when it comes to child-rearing and family.

Can a rich girl date a poor guy?

When a rich girl dating poor guy, the latter can feel extremely uncomfortable and disadvantaged at times since he cannot afford so many things. He doesn’t have enough money to take her to posh restaurants that she is used to or rent a limousine to take a ride. However, he can show her completely another world full of tenderness and appreciation.

Where does my girlfriend get her money from?

Most likely, your girlfriend has received her wealth from her parents. In this case, the girl should obey them, and parents, knowing about the assets of their daughter, may consider you to be another gigolo. However, you don’t love her for the money, do you?

Originally Answered: Do rich girls love poor boys? Yes. She may love a financially poor guy,if she really loves him……the financially poor guy will not remain poor by the time of marriage.She can make him change the situation if they both love each other. After all theres a saying.. Behind every successful man there is a women.

What is it like to be a girl from a rich family?

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