Dating antique bronze

dating antique bronze

How can you tell how old a bronze is?

1) scan the object for marks or signatures. A lot of bronzes will have the artists signature, a foundry mark, or a name of the artwork. This will help you zero in on who made it, and when. 2) artistic style. Although not definitive - artworks can generally be dated by their style.

What is an authentic bronze?

Authentic Bronzes are considered to be those sculptures made in the lifetime and with the agreement of the artist or the artist’s heirs and are sculptures made from the original moulds or maquettes and cast by the licensed foundries

What was bronze used for during the period of Mannerism?

During the period of Mannerism, bronze would be abandoned in favour of marble. Its return would be marked by Cellini and his taste for the antique. During the 17 th and 18th centuries, bronze was mainly used in France as an ornament to emphasize the preciousness of a piece of furniture.

Is it possible to restore bronze to its original colour?

Even if it tends to oxidise, it is possible to restore the piece to its original colour by cleaning it. The use of bronze goes back to antiquity, it is found in everyday objects, weapons, ritual and funeral works. During the Italian Renaissance, there was considerable bronze production.

How can I tell if my bronze is real?

Sometimes this metal is difficult to spot, however, and testing is required to detect bronze. Do a visual check of the lustre on the piece. Metals are usually shiny and non-metals have a dull appearance. Older bronze pieces, if left uncleaned, develop a patina (warm, rich coating) on the surface.

How can you tell the difference between brass and bronze?

The best way to tell is to recognize the color difference since brass is yellower than reddish-brown bronze. Keep in mind that brass is more common in everyday items because bronze is more valuable.

What determines the age and authenticity of bronze?

The overall quality of the surface detail helps determine both age and authenticity. Chasing the surface of bronze to achieve fine detail is a difficult, time-consuming and costly process.

How do I identify my Brass antiques?

Some antique brass pieces feature stamps or makers marks to help identify where and when they were made. Look for these marks on the bottoms or backs of your brass antiques - they may appear as a collection of numbers, letters, or symbols. has a good listing of various makers marks to compare.

How do you restore bronze to its original color?

Unless the bronze has been waxed to help protect it, always wear gloves when handling the metal to prevent corrosion. Wipe a soft cloth over the bronze to remove any dust from its surface. The bronze needs to be dust free before the finish can be restored. Rub mineral spirits onto the bronze to remove any grease from its surface.

When is small bronze restoration necessary?

Often small bronze restoration is required if a sculpture has been dropped or banged and a component has been broken off. We can consolidate and repair breakages often making it hard to see where the treatment was undertaken. Small bronze restoration can be necessary when one particular area of a bronze patina has become warn.

How do you protect bronze from oxidation?

Protect your surfaces from fading and tarnishing with Everbrite coatings, to seal out oxidation and keep the bronze color shining bright. Everbrite coatings will do the following for your bronze: Everbrite coatings will seal and protect bronze to prevent tarnish oxidation and patina for years.

What happens to bronze when oxidized?

Because bronze contains such a large amount of copper, it oxidizes over time, darkening and developing a patina. The oils on your hands may also have an affect on the finish, providing a mild corrosive element. If your bronze has oxidized or aged, it can be restored back to its original finish and kept that way.

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