Twice and bts dating

twice and bts dating

Are twice and BTS friends with each other?

Hence BTS close friendship with EXO and showing support towards Red Velvet in public) Its not surprising that BTS are closest to TWICE (and Red Velvet) in terms of girl groups. Theyre very supportive towards each other at ISAC.

Are BTS Jungkook and BTS Jin and Sana close friends?

Not to mention, Sana and Jungkook & Dahyun and Jin being MC’s together, we haven’t really seen much of a close friendship amongst the two groups. HII !! Well, I guess they might be. Meeting the same set of ppl again and again for 5–6 yr end award shows for past 3–4 yrs.

Why does BTS get bashed so much?

But they have a good reason to. Both BTS and Twice have been bashed many times, causing their fanbase to become (slightly) overprotective of them. I don’t know that much about Twice, but BTS has always been a target in the kpop community.

Are the members of BTS dating?

BTS members are exactly dating No one at the moment. They are still single as they’ve mentioned in 2018 interview that they wanted to focus on their career. No they are not. They are very close friends and they refer to themselves as brothers. I don’t think they would actually be in a relationship with each other.

Are you happy that BTS seems to be friends?

Yes, I’m happy that BTS seems to be close friends, even outside of their schedules and that everybody likes and respects each other. But being an idol is their job. Their job is to sell the group’s concept to you, the consumer and spectator, and who wants to support a group where the members dislike each other?

Who is the closest member in BTS?

And Tae and Jungkook have just always been so close. And RM and Suga have always been close too because they’re both rappers and write songs together In my opinion, V and Jimin are the closest members in the group. They’ve known each other since secondary school (so before debut), and they are always the first to comfort to each other.

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