Ebuddy dating site

ebuddy dating site

Is F-Buddy an adult dating site?

It is therefore an adult dating site for those who simply want to kick back and enjoy themselves. F-Buddy is run by Global Personals, which draws from a databank of at least 4.5 million members. When you come across F-Buddy, you will find a lot to read through on the front page. You get the impression that a lot is happening here.

What kind of people do we welcome at Buddy?

We welcome all gay, bi, trans, and queer people to feel at home, at ease and understood. Everybody needs some BUDDY.

What is Buddy?

Buddies are everywhere. Download the BUDDY app for iPhone or Android. Or use our unlimited website. Share your videos discreetly. Show your videos in your profile or send them to other buddies without giving away your phone number or your video files. Buddy is next-generation gay networking.

How does the local search work on F-Buddy?

On F-Buddy you will also find a handy local search feature. The aim of this is to bring you to people who are as close as possible. Being able to do a local search will save you a lot of time. Be aware that a lower population will mean fewer contacts to be found in your area.

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