Breitling dating

breitling dating

How can I tell what year my Breitling is?

The Breitling serial numbers can be used to date your Breitling’s production year using the list of Breitling production years and serial number spans below. Around the 2000s, Breitling began stamping watches with production dates. The stamps are coded by week and year and are located on the case between the lugs at the bottom of the watch.

Do newer Breitling models have case dating?

It is a relatively little known fact that newer Breitling models have case dating incorporated between the bottom lugs. I have heard occasional mention of it on forums, but no real pictures and information regarding this. I am going to change that with this little article here.

What is the manufacture date of my Breitling bracelet?

Breitling metal bracelets have the manufacture dates etched or stamped into them. The first example here is a Professional bracelet which has been etched with the production date 4204. Like the case, it stands for the 42nd week of 2004. The 893A is the model number of the bracelet.

What is Breitling known for Today?

Today, Breitling keeps on evolving and developing, and it is especially known for its oversized watches – much to the fact that pilots need large watches. Which of these facts about Breitling did you find most interesting?

How to tell how old a Breitling watch is?

The serial number, on the other hand, is a unique number for a watch to keep track of when it was made, sold, and where it was sold, just to mention a few reasons why it is used. It is possible to tell how old some Breitling watches are with the help of the serial number, however, it is not possible for all watches nor for all times.

Where can I find the reference and serial numbers on Breitling?

Where can I find the reference and serial numbers on my Breitling watch? Both the reference number and serial number can be found on the underside of your watchs casing. The reference number is a 12-digit code that consists of numbers and letters, for example A2332212/B635, while the length of the serial number can vary from model to model.

How do I find the date stamp on my Breitling watch?

The date stamp on your Breitling watch can be found on the case between the lower lugs (the parts that attach the strap or bracelet). To uncover this part of the case, you will need to remove your strap or bracelet.

What does the third set of numbers mean on Breitling watches?

The Third Set of number identifies if the watch is COSC Certified. All Breitling in-house movements are COSC certified. This really pertains to Example B (Y17 3 93).

What are some interesting facts about Breitling?

Breitling only produces watches Some watch companies make other things too such as jewelry and other accessories, but Breitling only produces watches. 34. Breitling has only had five CEOs from 1884 From 1884 to the present the Company had only five CEOs. THat’s quite impressive. It also goes to show just how passionate the CEOs are in the company.

Are Breitling watches a good investment?

Breitling watches are a great watch brand to invest your money. Because of its high demand, the value of Breitling watches makes it an excellent investment for you. You can be sure that the Breitling watches will retain or increase in value, whether you buy for wear or to resell.

Where are Breitling watches made?

Breitling SA is a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Grenchen, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1884 by Léon Breitling in Saint-Imier. Breitling is best known for their aviation watch collection and the incorporation of a circular slide rule. There is a special adaptation of a distress beacon in the Breitling Emergency II model.

When did Breitling start making chronographs?

Today, Breitling is maybe most associated with chronographs, and it was in 1915 that Breitling’s history of precision chronographs started. 5. The Breitling name didn’t appear on the dials of the watches until the late 1920s

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